Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2018

Solar Eclipse Radiosonde Launch Project, Kristen Axon, William Wight, Erika Goshorn, Aaron Mehner, Cole Evans, Seth Tacke, and Adam Stepanek

Assessment of Muscle Activation in Landing Error Scoring System Performance in Collegiate Swimmers, Serena Badgley


It Falls to Us: Linking The Waste Land to Dante’s Divine Comedy, Katherine Balkema


Mature Minor Doctrine, Katherine Barbian

Student Governance Digital Business Process, Shayne Depree Barron, Zachary Diamond, Nate Weber, and Alex Watson


Agent-Based Modeling of Pollen Competition, Katherine Bassett

The Impact of Active and Passive Recovery on Blood Lactate Clearance in Sprinters, Allison Baylor

Screening Single-Atom Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation, Christopher Bean and Stan Zygmunt

Reid v. Wetzel Amicus Curiae Brief, Magdalena Bonilla

Calculating the Minimum Energy Crossing Point for Chemical Reactions with Intersecting Potential Energy Surfaces with Different Spin States, Nathaniel I. Bouman


Diurnal Oviposition of Blow Flies in Different Aged Carrion, Kristi Bugajski, Raenah Bailey, Lauren Smith, Cecelia Frankewich, Monique Le Donne, Shelby Leucata, and Janelle Bouman

Fantastic Patterns and Where Not to Find Them, Michael Bukata, Ryan Kulwicki, Nicholas Lewandowski, Lara Pudwell, Jacob Roth, and Teresa Wheeland

Identification of Differences in Composite Vertical Profiles Between November Lake-Effect and System Snow Events in Northwest Indiana, Evan Cade, Timothy DeRolf, and Samantha Schletz

Juvenile Transfer in Toliver vs. the State of Arkansas, Chloe Castelluccio


Ancient Feminism: Troy and the Cold War Germany, Olivia Curcio

Identification of Blowfly Species Using PCR, Kayla Currier and Nathan A. McChesney

Relationship Between Limb Dominance and Site of Injury in College-Age Students at a Midwestern University, Zach Cutler

Muscle Activation and Foot Pressure of College Female Basketball Players with and Without Knee Injury: A Pilot Study, Georgi Donchetz

Rolando Ruiz v. Texas: Assessing the Psychological Impacts of Extended Solitary Confinement on Death Row Inmates, Zoe Fischer

Muscle Activation and Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) Performance in D1 Swimmers, Selena Gonzalez

The Effect of an 8-Week Challenge on Weight Loss, Mackenzie Grossmann

How Pretrial Publicity Can Destroy A Case, Sarah Harrington

Analysis of Neutral Pion Asymmetry with the STAR Detector, Alec J. Hauck and Noah Strand

A Turntable Switcher Intersection for the LANL nEDM experiment, Jackson T. Heise

Addressing Citizen Concerns: Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination in East Chicago, Indiana, Zoe I. Henkes and Ashita Bhatnagar

Mathematical Modeling of the Evolution of the Domestic Dog, Ashley Hire, Michael Revor, and Samuel Iselin

The Start of the Week, Justin Holland

Quadriceps Muscle Activation of Division One Swimmers while Performing the LESS Jump, Karen Holmquist


Setting the Stage: 40 Years in VU Theatre, Leilah Hovey

Mapping NKCC1 in the Endocytic Pathway During PKC Activation in Mardin Darby Canine Kidney Cells, Emily Hughes, Amanda Bazaldua, Chase Jones, Marie Dix, Natasa Petreska, Payton Klosa, Nicholas Barron, and Patrice G. Bouyer Dr.

The Sensitivity of Predicted Solar Thermal Reactor Performance to Solid-state Kinetics, Amanda Jaacks and Luke Venstrom

Electronic And Optical Properties Of TiO2 Nanoclusters and Nanosheets Supported on Silicene, yesukhei jagvaral and Haiying He

Com v. Dillion Amicus Brief, Kayla Jenkins

A Lantern Slide Through Time, Journey Joll


In His Image: A Question of Creation and Humanity's right to Human Dignity., Taylor Justison

Deconstructing the Gilded Age Mansion: Identity, Industry, and Culture through Architecture, Anthony Kalin

A Comparison Between Pulsed Ultrasound and Self-Myofascial Release on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness, Allison Ketcham


The Role of the Imagination in Religion and Science, Jonah Koetke

Analyzing and Quantifying Microfiber Pollution in the Lake Michigan Watershed, Edward Kostelnik, Allen Huff, and Julie Pohlman-Zordan

Phone Application for Multi-Site Church, Ryan Kulwicki

Learning Dialects: Potential Aide in the Integration of Refugees in Germany, Will Levi

Calibrating Electroencephalography and Stimulation Tracking Devices for the Study of Event-Related Potentials, Inga Majewska, Lynda Arredondo, McKayla Deleon, and Andrew Butler


Developing an Unnatural Amino Acid-Specific Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase, Claire C. Mammoser and Laura Rowe


Graduate Students as Future Mandated Reporters, Emily E. Mellin


Cardiovascular Disease: Analyzing Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies, Anastacia Mesina, Dwight Moline, Audrey Corn, and Michael Bohney

Nazi Germany's Effects on the Modern German Language, Ariana Moore

The Impact of Foam Rolling on Hip Range of Motion in Division I Athletes, Sarah Mythen

Antiquity and Applicability: Medea's Connection to Modern Social Issues, Taylor Nesselroad

Effective Sincerity: On Catholic Private Prayer and the Poetry of Mary Karr, Emily Neuharth

Analysis of the Nuclear waste Extractants BTP and BTBP using LCMS, Thu Nguyen and Julie R. Peller

Amicus Curiae Brief, Alex Nicishatse

Monitoring Black Oak Savannas in the Indiana Dunes, Sidney L. Noble

Monitoring Vernal Pools in the Indiana Dunes, Sidney L. Noble

A Computational Study of Cu-Pd for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction, Marcus A. Ochsendorf

Amicus Brief for Marliee Patricia Garner, Dariane Okeley

Interface Extensions to the AMC Evaluation Platform, Casey Primozic, Jackson Roush, Robert Schenck, Benjamin A. Levandowski, Brian Doriott, and William Sullivan

Optimized Routes to 7-Carboxymethyl-Pterin: A Useful Building Block for Medicinal Chemists, Jeff Pruet, Kassidy Grumbles, and Zachary Bennett

Perceived Levels of Stress and Physical Activity in College Students, Amanda Riley

Analysis of Valpo Women's Soccer Heart Rate Data, Grace Rogers, Pall Baggett, and Montel Hall

Beta Radiation Sources for Attenuation Studies of Atmospheric Aerosols, James Rolland and Chris Iceman

Child Abuse/Child Witness, Jasmine Scott


Institutional Outcomes following Total Pancreatectomy and Islet Autotransplantation in Children, Stephen P. Sekoulopoulos

Greek Drama and Disease: Ancient Parallels to Modern Perspectives, Max Shiller

Medieval Japanese Culture and Catastrophe: Evaluating Societal Responses to Natural Disasters., Max Shiller

Solar Thermal Decoupled Process: The Rotating Disc Electrode's Effect on Mass Transfer of Cobalt Oxide, Rachel Silcox and Guadalupe Villagran

The Link Between Antihypertensive Agents and Cognitive Decline, Luke Stanczyk, Kayleigh Corn, and Alyson Kinzie


Enhancing General Chemistry Labs to Construct Engaging, Colorful Experiments, Emily Statza, Robert Clark, Laura Rowe, and Julie Peller

Synthesize of Polymer Colloidal Crystal, Maisie Su

Comparison Between College Students and Community Dwelling Seniors in 30-second Chair Stand Test Performance, Taylor V. Swanson

Student Branding, Lauren Tehan, Matthew Pieroth, Sihao Zhou, and Jessica Lawton

Racial Differences in Children’s Trauma Symptoms Following Complex Trauma Exposure, Elise Trombetta

Harnessing the Power of Stories, Willow Walsh

Comparison of Normal and Ultra-Diffuse Gas Rich Galaxies, Andrew C. Webb

Describing the Binary System PHR J1510-6754 with Modeling and Spectroscopy Analysis, Kathryn Willenbrink

False Confessions, Chanice Youell

Quantifying Physiological Response to Inadequate Sensory Feedback, Mitch Young, Robert Hemmerling, Isaac Maze, James Sampson, and Reva Johnson

Evaluation of Travel Time Reliability on Lincolnway, Lauren Zeeb and Jay Grossman

Submissions from 2017

The Legitimacy of the Brain Balance Center as Treatment for Developmental Disorders, Jennifer Ahlden

Interpreting Latin American Literature: Obsession until Dissociation, Leena Aljobeh


Stability of the Tower Gains of the STAR Endcap Calorimeter in 2012 Data, Chamindu S. Amarasinghe

Implementing Machine Learning Techniques in Financial Modeling, William D. Arloff

College Students' Perceptions and Use of Marijuana, Ellie Ashbrook, Bradley Adkins, Andrea Pertl, Jennifer Mitchell, Samantha Salvador, Kelly Wilkins, and Madissen Brookshire-Green

Mathematical Modeling of Vaccine Noncompliance, Jordan A. Bauer

Statistical Consulting for Nursing Implementation Projects, Jordan A. Bauer

Correlation between Health Care Organization Career Ladders and Employee Satisfaction, Natalie Bittles


Implementation of Compost Trash Cans on Valparaiso University's Campus, Natalie Bittles


Lean Six Sigma Leadership in Health Care Organizations, Natalie Bittles

Investigating Electrical Breakdown in Liquid Helium for the nEDM Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nathaniel I. Bouman

Dissecting Weber's Opera to Inform Performance of "Concertino for Clarinet", Victoria D. Bruick

When Fools Push Back: Identifying Subversion in "King Lear" and "Twelfth Night", Victoria D. Bruick


Coded Language: The History, the Message, and 2016, Adam Bruno


Diurnal Oviposition of Blow Flies, Moriah Carmel, Kelly Braun, Janelle Bouman, Raenah Bailey, and Kristi Bugajski


Ebola the Enemy: How the U.S. Media Militarized the 2014 Ebola Epidemic, Sarah Chamness

Censorship on College Campuses and the Forces behind Campus Speaker Disinvitations, Jonathan Cisneros


Effect of inflammatory cytokines and high fat diet on inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptors binding protein released with IP3 (IRBIT) expression in intestinal cells, Kelli Cook, Natasha Petreska, Jesse Smallwood, Kenneth Bridgmon, and Chase Jones

COMPS Collaborative Chat, Chinedu Emeka, Yesukhei Jagvaral, and Brian Sukowicz


Violence Against Women and its Impacts Across Cultures, Bayan Fares, Dejah Johnson, and Alejandra Alejos

Frenemies: Disunity of Women in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale", Abigail Fate

Orange is the New Black and its Representation of Women's Prisons, Alexandra N. Garcia

Looking Through the Glass Ceiling: Social and Individual Influences on Women’s Career Decisions, Megan Gilliam, Jessica Luth, and Lauren Patzer