Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2019

The Valparaiso University Association of Computing Machinery’s Mobile Application, Juan Arellano

Influence of the Environmental Moisture Field on the 17 November 2013 Outbreak, Kristen Axon, Ellie Venteicher, and Rachel Kennedy

Death Stinks: Characterizing the Volatiles that Attract Blow Flies During Decomposition, Raenah Bailey

Update of the Solar Furnace Hopper and Feeder System, Katherine Bassett

Robotics Swarm Algorithms: Dispersion Using Gradient Descent Algorithm, Jonathan Bayert

Investigating the Viability of a γ-Al2O3 Support on Catalytic Propane Dehydrogenation Using Transition Metal Clusters, Christopher Bean

Student Perceptions of Valpo Basketball Joining the MVC, Alex Becker, Joshua Yonker, and Cameron Behymer

Mobile Application for University Programming Council (UPC) Events, Brady Bell, Carly Armor, Melissa Buss, Ryan Kleszynski, Miguel Valdez, Nicholaus Dettmer, and Daniel Christensen

Streamlining the synthesis of folate mimics as potential antifungal agents, Zachary Bennett, Kassidy Grumbles, Anna Bockman, and Jeffrey Pruet

Take A Seat, Marc Boas

Our Every Day, Ashley Borg

To Caffeinate a Revolution: The Historical Importance and Necessity of the Parisian Café Before and During the French Revolution, Julia Bowlds

Specific Heat of Gases, Sarah Bradash

Institutional Review Board Management System, Mitchell Burgess, Abdullah Aljobeh, and Jack Worman

Liszt Transcriptions, Moriah G. Carmel

Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Moriah G. Carmel and Hannah Laatsch

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: A Policy Analysis at Valparaiso University, Chloe Castelluccio

Analysis of the Motivations and Perceptions of Cheating among High School Students, Emma Chelsvig

Where Does it All Go?: An Analysis on the Communities Surrounding Illinois Landfills, Emma Chelsvig

Knowledge versus Religion: The Tension in Goethe’s Faust, Sarah Crowe

Surface Electromyography Analysis in Division 1 Female Soccer Players During Dynamic Movements, Tyler Curylo

Analyzing Plastic Degradation from Winogradsky Columns of Two Sample Sources, Sarah Dilday and Jhanelle Spence

The Imago Dei and CRISPR cas9: A Christian Case for Genetic Alteration, Joshua Duensing

Sub-Nanometer Catalyst Clusters for Propane Dehydrogenation, Joshua Duensing, Jacob Allred, Christopher Smith, and Stan Zygmunt

Interpretations of the “Gretchen-figure” in the Works of Classical Composers, Sara Eveler

Utilizing Stress: Manipulating Student’s Stress Mindsets Determines Their Health and Functioning Outcomes, Abigail Fate

Normalization in Schools: Foucault & the Mental Health Crisis, Jennifer Feutz

Contemplating Paradoxical Doctrine Through Formal Structure in the Holy Sonnets, Katherine Germann

Raspberry SCI: An Inexpensive High Performance Computing Cluster for WRF Simulations within the Valparaiso University Meteorology Program, Maxwell A. Grover, Isaac Arseneau, Kevin Goebbert, Eliott Foust, Terry Wade, and Nick Rosasco

Hesse Center Shift Exchange Portal, Raquel Haro, Megan Janickovic, Madeline O. Flynn, and Josiah P. Metzler

Design of a Mobile, Low-Cost Spectrum Analyzer, Jacob Harrison


Digitizing and Streamlining Valparaiso University Student Senate's Organization Recognition Process, Kayla Herrera, Sawyer Patrick, Alec Hauck, and Jackson Heise

Latino Macropartisanship Over Time: Political Science Data Review, Dan Herschel


Who will win the Stanley Cup?, Nicholas Hollis

Evolution of the Sonatas of Dame Ethel Smyth, Julie Howe

An Analysis of Road Salting Impacts on Soil Salinity Along Two Rural Roadways, Deirdre James and Cody Banks

Comparison Between the Left and Right Shoulder Range of Motion During a Supine Dumbbell Fly Press, Abigail Johnson

Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Madeline Johnson, Cassandra Niemeyer, and Thomas Goyne

A Precipitation Climatology of Major Atlantic Basin Hurricanes from 2002-2018, Savannah Jorgensen, Eric Goldenstern, Brenda Herman, and Angela Mose


Life in the Suicide Belt: Intersections of Death and Agency in American Culture, 1870-1910, Anthony Kalin


A Qualitative Study: Caregiver Experience of Dementia, Emma Kamp, Guadalupe Ortiz, Maddissen Brookshire-Green, Olivia Smith, Kayleigh Willett, Keegan Maris, Isabella Portugal, and Madison Ling

PKC activation induces ubiquitination of the Na-K-2Cl cotransporter 1 in the human colonic epithelial cells T84, Payton Klosa, Marie Dix, Amanda Bazaldua, and Emily Hughes

Discussing Across the Aisle: The Effect of Civic Reflection on Political Discrimination, Jonah Koetke

Stability of Proteinogenic Amino Acids in Martian Conditions, Claire Kovarik, Christopher Smith, Kelly Davidson, and Laura Rowe

Wolf Domestication: An Agent-based Simulation, Ryan Kulwicki and Alex Capaldi

Improving Health Equity in Rural Costa Rica Through a Community-Based Participatory Intervention: An Undergraduate Research Project, Brandon LaChappelle and Ty Snarr

Developing an Impact-Based Strength Index for the Classification of Derechos, Donald Long Jr. and Jeremy M. Corner

Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage: The Formation of Sized Metal Oxide Samples, David Mackey

Effect of Multisensory Information on Memory in Delayed Recognition, Inga Majewska, McKayla Deleon, Nick Cline, and Andrew Butler

Network Graph Categorization Based on Features, Arezu Mansuri, Cody Packer, Gabe Fragoso, Frankie Vazquez, and Prasuna Pillalamarri

Do I Have Your Attention Yet?, Drake Mattingly

Analyzing the History of School Closings/Delays in the Past 40 Years Due to Extreme Wintertime Weather in Northwest Indiana, Emily Mazan, Nathan Healy, Jilliann Dufort, Seth Tacke, and Natalie Vernon

Determining the Optimal Design of Collegiate Ballroom Competitions, Jonathan Metcalfe

Demographic Factors and Encounters with Law Enforcement, Debra Miller

Impact of Microplastic Fiber Pollution on Planorbella campanulata (Ramshorn Snail) Fecundity and Mortality, Kalleb L. Miller and Cole J. Philips

The Digitalization of the Valparaiso University Residential Hall Check-In Process, Adam Morrison, Sam Rookstool, and Alec Cole

Characterizing the Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities and Several Associated Bioactive Compounds of Argemone mexicana, Teodora Najdeska, Estefany Bocangel Gamarra, Kelly Davidson, Tj Lefeber, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

Wireless, Battery-Powered Node for ValpoSensorNet, Muhammad Ahmed Naveed

Perceptions of Human Nature and Public Policy Survey, Emily Nelson and Geoff Wetherell

The Impact of Reminders of Racial Inequality and Ethnic Identification on Perceptions of Racial Protest Groups, Elisabeth Noland


Computational Study of the Electronic Structure of Various Cobalt (Hydroxy) Oxides in Electrolysis Reactions, Marcus A. Ochsendorf and Haiying He

Exploring Slot Assignment Methods in Flexible-Grid Optical Networks, Kimberly Orr


Greek Life Application Project, Cody Packer, Terry Wade, Mardonio Diaz, Alexandar Habjan, Robert McIntyre, and Brandon Ancona


Development of a Novel Epoxide-Containing Trimethylenemethane Precursor for Palladium-Catalyzed Cycloadditions, Mara Paterson

Effects of Microfibers on Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Attachment Behavior, Thomas G. Paul, Cody A. Banks, and Laurie Eberhardt

The Impact of Ice Versus Ischemic Compression on Muscle Recovery Post Resistance Training, Brian Pecyna


First-Generation College Students & Campus Resources, Aaron Pevitz, Lily Kapitan, and Trace McKenna

The Effects of Language on Salary: South Africa, Caroline Pratt

The Age of 360, Steven Reed

A Contested Concept: The Image of God in Islam, Jenna Rifai

Correlation Between Jump Foot Force Production and Distance Jumped in Collegiate Long Jumpers, Malik Riley

The Colonization of Mexico and the Effect on the Nahuatl Dialect, Daniela Rios Aguilar

An Investigation of the Landfall and Extratropical Transition of TC Narelle (2013) in the Southeast Indian Ocean Basin, Samantha Schletz and Jacob Janssen

Efficiency of the Valparaiso University Crusader Transit, Lauren Schneider, Anna Raimondi, and Kortney Klipstine

Problem of Scoring Gerrymandering, Austin Schnoor

Curricular Analytics: A Probabilistic Approach, Erik Schuchardt, Georges El-Howayek, and Ahmad Slim

Scenes At The Shore, Susan Scuderi

Pain in Beauty: A Clothing Connection, Megan Seibert

Pluralistic Nationalism: The Example of the Kurds, Rachel Silcox

The Stability of Unnatural Amino Acids within Mars Planetary Conditions, Christopher Smith, Claire Kovarik, and Kelly Davidson

Impact of Blood Flow Restriction on Resistance Training of the Biceps Brachii, Drew Snouffer

Lutheran Deaconess Association Tool Suite, Brian Sukowicz, Brian Vidal, Nina Tadic, Emanuel Dagget, and Dakota Phillips

Relationship Between Ankle Injury History and Ankle Dorsiflexion in Division I Athletes, Steven Sutkay

Written Language and Cultural Identity: The Use of Traditional and Simplified Hanzi in the People's Republic of China, Lukas Torgerson

Binge Drinking Among College Students in Relation to Depression, Experienced Homelessness, and Parental/Guardian Relationships, Daniela Trajceski, Samyra Leonard, Denise Arce, and Meredith O'Connor

How Age Impacts Reasons for Migration: Examining Migration from Northern Latin America to the United States, Hilary Van Oss

Sure It’s Fine, We Checked 9 Years Ago: Surface Water Quality Testing of the Little Calumet River in Gary and Lake Station, Indiana., Jessica Villegas, Langston Stalling, Drake Shearer, Donovan McGill, Nathaniel Parson, Derrick John Combs, Noah M. Wilkes, Amber M. Garcia, and Breanne Mason

Effect of Estrogen on Morphological Change in Candida albicans and Neurospora crassa, Idalia Zachara, Chase Jones, Paige Camp, Hamza Hasan, and Patrice Bouyer

Beethoven's Impact on the Piccolo: Earning a Soloistic Position Within the Orchestra, Sarah Anne Zakowski

Refactoring Meteorology's Online Weather Center, Chris Zenieck, Dusten Knull, and Colin Braun

Submissions from 2018

Geyser V. United States, Allison Abayay

Web Application for Student Analytics, Cristian Abello, Ryan Bennett, Samuel Iselin, Arezu Mansuri, and Kimberly Orr

A Qualitative Study: Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes and Beliefs about Marijuana, Bradley Adkins, Ellie Ashbrook, Andrea Pertl, Madissen Brookshire-Green, Guadalupe Ortiz, Olivia Smith, Emma Kamp, and Kayleigh Willett

Minimizing the Residual Field and Field Gradient in a Magnetically Shielded Room for nEDM at LANL, Chamindu S. Amarasinghe

The Modernization of the VU Lutheran High School Directory, Tyler Ammons, Thomas Schuessler, Franklin Kirui, and David Schmeling


A Case Study of Four Atmospheric River Events Over the Pacific West Coast of the United States, Isaac Arseneau and Wendell Nuss


Arab Nationalism in a Francophone Country: The French Language and Moroccan Identity, Jewan Attallah


The Modern Heroine is Masculine: Male and Female Heroism during World War I in France [L’héroïne moderne est masculine: l’héroïsme des hommes et femmes dans la première guerre mondiale en France], Jewan Attallah

Solar Eclipse Radiosonde Launch Project, Kristen Axon, William Wight, Erika Goshorn, Aaron Mehner, Cole Evans, Seth Tacke, and Adam Stepanek