Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2017

Choices! App Development, Charles L. Morris Jr, Nicholas Kwiecinski, Nathaniel Bouman, Andrew Mueller, and Savannah Smith

Silicene Catalyzed Reduction of Nitrobenzene to Aniline: a Computational Study, Christopher C. Morrissey

Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the Dielectric Constant of PMMA for the nEDM Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Marcus A. Ochsendorf

Desmond Tutu’s Influence in Apartheid South Africa: The Reconciliation of a Broken Gospel in the Restoration of a Divided Nation, Emily Owens

Research in Forensic Chemistry, Paige N. Pressler and Samantha Prentice

The Examination of Fitness Patterns in College Students, Anna Rafanelli, Sarah West, and Kelly Rayner

L(4,3,2,1) labeling, Hector G. Reyes and Samuel Iselin

Improve Scholarly Efforts in Understanding Ancient Texts using a Web Interface, Shea Ridgeway, Isaiah Sorvaag, and Christopher Evans

Key Factors in Choosing to Attend Valparaiso University, Bethany Riethmeier, Brian Almanza, and Hannah Vandermolen

The Effect of Undergraduate GPA on Future Success, Noah Roderick, Nicholas Isajczuk, and Takia Peebles

Relationship between canopy gaps and understory vegetation in Northwest Indiana, Grace Roman and Beata Ramza

Transcribing, Coding and Eating Our Way Through a Renaissance French Cookbook, Andrea Sanchez and Jennifer LeCaptain

Analysis Between Functional Movement Forward Lunge and Muscle Activation in Division One Swimmers, Annaliese A. Schalk

Substance Abuse and Correlating Causes, Ashley Simpson and Jessica Edmonds

Desistance in College Students, Alonzo C. Skinner


Elucidating internalization mechanism of the Na-K-2Cl cotransporter 1 and its fate in the endocytotic pathway during protein kinase C activation in epithelial cells, Jesse Smallwood, Kenneth Bridgmon, Kelli Cook, and Natasha Petreska

Attitudes of Neighborliness at Valparaiso University, Eric D. Smith


Using Predictive Analysis for Meals on Wheels, Dylan Snyder, Adali Johnson, Omar Wasim, and Jason Henry

The Impact of Energy Drinks on Anaerobic Performance, Ella R. Soltis

Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Cody Steel, Thomas Goyne, Leena Aljobeh, Yeongseo An, and Bill Trimoski


Sloppy Seconds: A Play and How it Came to Be, Michelé N. Strachota

Analysis of Functional Movement Screen Forward Lunge and Electromyography of Division 1 Tennis Players, Joshua Topp and Kelly Helm

The Impact of Surgically Induced Weight Loss on an Individual's Psychological Health, Angelica M. Torres

A Comparison of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Procedures: A Survey of Physicians, Alessandro J. Vasile

Process & Creative Practice: Painting, Printmaking, Collage, Regan Weber, Candace Watters, and Ashley Montelongo

Sorority Life and Campus Social Integration, Abigail R. Wichlinski and Elisha Matthews

Searching for Periodic Light Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae Candidates, Kathryn Willenbrink

Submissions from 2016

Beyond the Volcanoes: A Community Partnership for Health in Rural Nicaragua, Vanesa Abad, Katelyn Mesalam, and Megan Heinz

Descent Statistics on Shuffles, Felipe Alzate, William C. Mackelfresh, and Lily Wisniewski


Stability of the Gains of the STAR Endcap Calorimeter from 2009 to 2012, Chamindu S. Amarasinghe

Stability of the Tower Gains of the STAR Endcap Calorimeter in 2012 Data, Chamindu S. Amarasinghe

A Classical Cure: Classical music as an antidote to the modern malaise of speed, Evan Arceneaux


Developing A Model Approximation Method and Parameter Estimates for Solid State Reaction Kinetics, William D. Arloff, Karl Schmitt, and Luke J. Venstrom

The Biological Effects of Microaggressions on African Americans, Asia Banks

Mathematical Modeling of Vaccine Noncompliance, Jordan A. Bauer

Electronic Fish Barrier System: Electrode Configuration Testing, Brandon Benninger

Expression Theories and Three Case Studies on Chopin's Mazurka No. 17 Op. 4 in A Minor, Anthony Berkseth

Decomposition of Antibiotics in Water Systems and the Impact on Microbial Communities, Ashita Bhatnagar


A Voltage Multiplier for the nEDM Experiment, Nathaniel I. Bouman

A Climatology of the Interaction between Short-Wave Troughs and Shore-Parallel Lake-Effect Snowstorms off of Lake Ontario, Zachary S. Bruick, Emily W. Ott, and Nicholas D. Metz

Diurnal Oviposition Timing of Blow Flies and DNA Identification of Early Arrivers, Kristi Bugajski, Jordan Corsolini, Christopher Henning, Jonathan Teresczenko, and Beth Scaglione Sewell


Who Done It?: DNA Identification of Species-Specific Samples Using Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction, Max P. Carpenter, Ryan Banashak, and Agnel Rahul Rayan

“The Folly… of Silly Women”: Women and the Development of Modern Medicine in America During the Civil War, Sarah Chamness


Framing the Islamic State: A Comparison of Al Jazeera English and USA Today, Marie Chetcuti

Cross Talk, Visualizing the Dynamics of Students Interrupting Each Other in Typed Chat, Austin Coleman, Nasser Almawash, Chinedu Emeka, and Piyush Chowdri


Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, Jared Matthew Coller


"You Say You Want a Revolution": Rock & Roll's Voice in Society, Elena Cruz-Lopez

Ritual Music in China, Avery M.D. Davis

Swarm Robotic Cheer Team for Robotic Football, Danielle Desmond, Maddie Horton, and Adam Morrison

Undergraduate College Students’ Smoking Behaviors within a Smoke-Free Campus, Haley DeYoung and Megan Eggert

Screening Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acids for Incorporation into E. Coli Cellular Machinery, Shilpa Dhar and Claire C. Mammoser

Correlation of Warmth and Loneliness, Despina I. Diveris

Relationship Between Functional Movement Squat and Muscle Activation in D1 Swimmers, Pedram etebari Goharrizi

College-Aged Women: What Influences Eating Disorders?, Maribel Flores, Ashlyn Sorrell, and Sarah Hansen

Light Curve Study of the Eclipsing Contact Binary V2477 Cyg, Stephen Freund

Where are All the Women?: The Gender Bias Against Female Composers in Western Classical Repertoire, Nichol Gabor

Differences in Anaerobic Capacities and Blood Lactate Levels in Elite and Recreational Athletes as Measured by Wingate Testing, Sydney Galvez-Daley


HvZ Website: The Re-Engineering, Grant J. Garr, Justin Wicker, Caleb Sanchez, Rodrigo De Bem, and Jake Smith

The Relationship Between Ankle and Knee Injuries in Division I Collegiate Athletes, Sarah E. Godwin

Robotic Application of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Chase M. Greenhagen, Timothy Krentz, and Janelle Wigal

Solar Reduction of Cobalt Oxide Particles: Rotary Kiln Reactor Model and Experimental Results, Jesse R. Greenhagen, Jack D. Hoeniges, Samantha J. Kopping, and Luke J. Venstrom

Engineering Outreach in Elementary School: Is Once Enough?, Theresa Green

3D Printer Filament Recycler, Theresa Green, Louis Christensen, Ty Luebcke, Nicholas Takacs, William Foy, and Samuel Homer


Relationship Quality among Married Couples, Amber R. Haack

Does Being in Proximity Encourage Interactions Between Domestic and International Students?, Stacia Hackmann, Eleni Kaldis, and Danielle McCuan

The Search for Periodicity in Light Variations in a Sample of Proto-planetary Nebulae Candidates, Cole D. Hancock

Associations between Emotional Experience of Music and Expertise, Appreciation, and Absorption, Magen Hauser

Statistics of FA Cup Soccer, Jonathan Heagy

The Relationship between Coping Mechanisms and Life Satisfaction, Ashley Heisey, Meagan McCarver, and Timothy Standiford


An Agent-Based Modeling Approach to Determine Overwintering Habits of American Robins and Eastern Bluebirds, Samuel Iselin and Shannon Segin

Use of Teach-Back to Reinforce Nutrition Knowledge in Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Ila A. Jackson, Jessica Coapstick, and Graciela Payan


Computational Study of CO2 Adsorption and Reduction on Doped Graphene Sheets, Yesukhei Jagvaral and Haiying He

The Undergraduate Music Major: Shifting Perspectives of the Curricular Model, Patrick M. Jansen

Learning from the Mistakes of the Past: Christianity, Apartheid, and Social Movement Framing, Miranda L. Joebgen

Social Honesty and Culture: White Lies and Social Face, Jared Joseph

Values and College Major, Rebecca Kazdoy, Elizabeth Seyfert, and Nichol Wilson


Double-Spin Asymmetry in Neutral Pion Production in Longitudinally Polarized p + p, Taegyun Kim

Using E. Coli to Incorporate Fluorescent Unnatural Amino Acids into Proteins, Alyson Kneusel, Bayland Brown, Amy Gunter, Claire C. Mammoser, Thomas Goyne, and Laura Rowe

Modeling the Kinetics for the Electrolytic Oxidation of Manganese (II, III) Oxide, Daniel Kotfer, Louis Christensen, Carol Larson, Robert Palumbo, Shahin Nudehi, and Jonathan Schoer

Solar Tracking for the Renewable Energy Zone, Rachel Law


SatNOGS Project, Ashley A. LeBlanc, John White, Christopher Paradiso, Grace Freigang, Paul Flaten, and Daniel J. White


Covering Arrays and Fault Detection, Brooke LeFevre and Emily Anderson

Audiovisual Perception Interaction with Emotion to Impact Memory recall of human faces, Nicholas Lewis and Andrew Butler

Theorems Regarding Points on the Euler Line, Kathryn E. Lezark


Cardiorespiratory Intensity Levels of Four Ballroom Dances, Catherine N. Long

Recovery Heart Rates of Division 1 Female Soccer Players, Sarrah M. Ludwig


Approaching Women's Education: Utilizing Islamic Sources for Empowerment, Emily P. Lueder

Screening for Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporation in Cellular Machinery, Claire C. Mammoser, Amy J. Gunter, and Bayland Brown

The Neurobiology of Mind and Body Practices: Perils and Prospects, Katelyn M. Marak and Jim Nelson

A Computational Study of the Interaction of Harmful Organic Compounds with Functionalized Graphene –Towards the Design of Effective Graphene-based Sensors, Christopher C. Morrissey, Jordan Eissner, and Nimma Elizabeth

Concentration Dependent Aerosol Substrates: UV-VIS Attenuation Measurements, Christian Q. Mundorf, Cynthia Smith, and Christopher Iceman


Data Security in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Anurakta Nayak

Network Classification and Inferencing, Sammantha K. Nowak-Wolff, AnnaLee Knapp, and Charles Morris Jr.

Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the Dielectric Constant of PMMA for the nEDM Experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory., Marcus A. Ochsendorf

Impact of Thigh Muscle Fatigue on Force Production in Knee Stabilizing Muscles, Sara N. Ozgur

Defining Protein Kinase C Substrates Involved in the Na-K-2Cl Cotransporter 1 Endocytosis in Colonic Epithelial Cells, Natasa Petreska and Jesse Smallwood

Measuring the Differential Cross Section in Compton Scattering of 0.662 MeV Photons, Stephen Place

Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: Reaction Mechanism of Cobalt Oxidation, William Prusinski, Daniel Kotfer, Joshua Grade, Carol Larson, N. Leonard, Jonathan Schoer, and Robert Palumbo

Rebellion Fueled by Beethoven, Emily Robinson

Does Expansion of the Presumptive Somite-Notochord Boundry Contribute to Xenopus laevis Involution and Elongation?, Sophia L. Robinson and Elizabeth Walsh-Rock