Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2022

Machine Assessment of Student Debate Postings, Matthew Spivey

The Reading Struggles Post-Pandemic at the Primary Level, Christina Rae Stavropoulos

Social Media and Relationships, Christopher Teune, Micah D'Arcangelo, and Nathaniel Parson

How the Incorporation of Plastic Debris in Robin (Turdus migratorius) Nests Differs by Location in Northwest Indiana, Elissa Torgerson and Cole Philips

An Analysis of Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras from Johannes Brahms’ German Requiem, Karis M. Traylor

Identifying and Developing Novel Compounds to Combat Superbugs Related to NASA Space Travel, Caleb VanArragon, Ashley Wasserman, Emily Gonzalez, Katelyn Shouse, Helene Bee, Lanna Sirhan, Alexis Dres, Jeffrey Pruet, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

Effects of On-Field Performance on MLB Fan Attendance, Frankie Vazquez, Garrett M. Wolan, Abigail M. Hillman, Katelyn R. Bacys, and Kinan Kudaimi

The Effectiveness of NSSL's Experimental Warn on Forecast System for Severe Weather and Flash Flooding Events in The Carolinas in 2020-2021, Natalie Vernon

Upper Limb Loss and Gastrocnemius Muscle Activation during Locomotion, Lindsay Vibbert

Synthesis of Argemone mexicana Inspired Antimicrobial Agents, Jessica Villegas, Bryce Ball, Hannah Bhakta, Emily Gonzalez, Ashley Wasserman, Helene Bee, Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, and Jeffrey Pruet

Synthesis of Vitamin B-9 Derivative, Jessica Villegas, Amber M. Garcia, and Stephanie M. Moore

Exploratory Predictions for March Madness, Logan Wallace, Ben Kukla, Grace Tam, Connor Smith, and Cameron Kruger

Abundant yet Defective Virtue in the Third Reich, Eleanor MM Wegener


Investigation of a Local Plastic Pollution Incident and Presentation of a Potential Remediation Strategy, Antigone Wilson, Julie Peller PhD, Christopher Iceman PhD, Seth Junglas, and Gregory P. Horne PhD


An Assessment of the Valparaiso University Transit Bus Wait Time, Allison Yohanan and Carly Schiene

Before The Fall, Amanda Yonushatis

Candida albicans induces internalization of the Na + -K + -2Cl – cotransporter 1 expressed in Madin-Darby Canine Cells, Idalia Zachara, Patrice Bouyer, and George Gundelach

Survivor Series, Lisa Zandy

Submissions from 2021


The Effects of Physical Activity on RHR, Tasha Abraham

Impact of Various Stretching Techniques on Gait and Hip Range of Motion, Sierra Asher


Physical Activity and Positive Self Talk and its Effects on Body Image, Ashlee Barton

Impacts of Dynamic Intervention in Functional Movement Screening, Jamari Brown

Determining the Winner in a Graph Theory Game, Eric Burkholder, Gabe Fragoso, and Christopher Barua

Campus Origin-Destination Study Utilizing Mobile Bluetooth Addresses, Mary Busby

Survey Processes and Standards for The College of Nursing and Health Professions, Junta Callahan

The Soul’s Access to Divine Will: Implications of Stoic Reason, Christian Will, and Galenic Body in Reformulating the Platonic Philosophy of the Human Person, Noelle Canty

Determining the Effect of Evidence Based Low-Stress Nursing Care on Premature Infants’ DNA Methylation, Christina Cavinder DNP, RN, CPNP-PC; Angela Schooley Ph.D.; Sarah Caesar; Rylee Cookerly; Claire Czerwonka; Christina Foy; Elizabeth Heisler; Brie Kraus; Taylor Madon; Bianca Messina; Morgan Neisler; Olivia Nolan; Betsy Nunemaker; Olivia Recker; Elizabeth Roth; Sara Tracy; and Jamie Winkle

Determining the Effect of Circadian Lighting on Premature Infants’ DNA Methylation, Christina Cavinder DNP, RN, CPNP-PC; Angela M. Schooley Ph.D.; Sarah Caesar; Rylee Cookerly; Claire Czerwonka; Christina Foy; Elizabeth Heisler; Brie Kraus; Taylor Madon; Bianca Messina; Morgan Neisler; Olivia Nolan; Betsy Nunemaker; Olivia Recker; Elizabeth Roth; Sara Tracy; and Jamie Winkle

Functionless Structures, Nathanael Chrzan

The Formation of Glycine in The Interstellar Medium, Joshua Corr


Social Media Consumption and Effects on Eating Habits, Chloe Cox

A Study on the Effectiveness of Stress Management Techniques, Jacob Cox

Effects of Pressure and Input Gasses on a Methane Reforming Reaction, Nate DeGoede

Evaluation of Factors Relating to Competency Ratings in Washington State since COVID-19: Crime, Homelessness, and Evictions, Rachel DeWitt, Macy Siegfried, Alexandra Herbert, Alessandra Luciano, and Holly Cross Ph.D.

Sorority Connection During a Pandemic, Erikah Diaz


How does Music Led Meditation Improve a Negative Attitude, Taylor Dunigan

Analysis of Anharmonic Oscillatory Motion, Andrew Edwards

A Model for Maintaining Cultural Relevance in French Overseas Territories, Miranda A. Engholm

Cultural Métissage: A lost movement relevant for our time, Miranda A. Engholm

Modelling Stochastic Polymer Degradation by Finite Difference in Matrix Environments, Nicholas A. Evans and Bethany Luke


The Effect of Supply Chain Disruptions on Business, Katia Fedor and Ceyhun Ozgur

The Importance of Self-Care for Students, Storm Fleming

Geochemical and Morphological Changes Associated with a Wetland, Grace Fleszewski and Momin Mirza

Valpo SERF App, Gabriel Fragoso Jr., Sam Gordon, Evan Cummings, and Matthew Spivey

Making Prevention Practical: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Suicide Prevention, Emily Friedman

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Muscle Activation, and Center of Mass During Stair Decent, Riana Gesell

Exploration of QCA Diagonal Kink Effect on the Expected Output of a Five to One Majority Gate, Dylan Grace

Searching for Periodicity in Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Peyton Grimm

Liminal Space, Emily Gustin

"I Am..", Kristen Haling


The Network Outlier Hunt, Michael Hamalis

Productivity and Efficiency of Warehouse Processes, Camryn Hannah

Using Data Analytics to Identify the Best Predictors of Successful Valparaiso University Baseball Players, Deven Harris

Impact of Velocity-Based Training and Percentage-Based Training on Power Output, Doug Haugh


Lambda Chi Alpha Webpage Creation, Casey Hill


“Social” Media: Disrupting our ability to be a Cosmopolitan - Consequential effects on our mental health and psychological well-being, Payton Hodson

Using extremophile samples to determine the possibility for life on Mars, Alyssa Jarabek and Michayla VanAken

Work, Dignity, and Disability: Toward an Inclusive Humanist Philosophy, Jenna Johnston

Perceived Effectiveness of Coping Mechanisms and Medication Use on Decreasing Stress and Anxiety, Natalie Kasberger

The Impact of Shoulder Conditioning Exercises on Injury in Collegiate Swimmers, Darby Kloweit

The Role of Orgasmic Difficulty in Attributing Cause for Positive and Negative Sexual Outcomes in Women: The Importance of Cross-Cultural Analyses, Julia Kneusel and Katelyn Bacys

Early Intervention Referral Relevance Rates, Lydia Knorp

Synthetic microfiber loads in green algae, Cladophora, in Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, Edward Kostelnik, Julie Peller, Meredith Nevers, Muruleedhara Byappanahalli, Cassie Nelson, Bharath Ganesh Babu, Mary Ann Evans, Morgan Keller, Jenna Johnston, and Sarah Shidler

Mars Surface Simulation, Claire Kovarik

Predicting winners in the Formula 1 car racing season, Shawn Lasrado


Simulated Collagen Placement with Varied Movement of Cells, McKeon Laws

Competency Rates for Offending Juveniles And Mental Health Resources in Washington State, Alessandra Luciano, Alexandra Herbert, Rachel DeWitt, Macy Siegfried, and Dr. Holly Cross

Development of a computational model for assessing cell morphology and movement on three-dimensional polymer fibers, Bethany Luke, Matthew Ditommaso, and Rio Parsons

Self-Care and its Effect on Mental Health, Emma Magee

Factors Influencing Age of a Mother at the Birth of Her First Child, Sarah Messerschmidt

My World, Drew Moore

Enzymatic Synthesis of a Vitamin B-9 Derivative for More Cost-Efficient Biochemical Assays, Noah Moriarty, Grace Burkhart, Zachary Bennett, Sam Markovich, and Jeffrey Pruet

Characterizing the Cytotoxic Effects and Several Antimicrobial Phytocompounds of Argemone mexicana, Teodora Najdeska, Tj Lefeber, Estefany Bocangel Gamarra, Katelyn Shouse, Caleb VanArragon, Hannah Bhakta, Alexis Dres, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

The Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Cassandra Niemeyer, Esteban Kurth, and Taylor Gaskill

Professional Confidence in the Work Place, Tahelah E. Noel

Do simple word features predict dialogue acts among students working together?, Jaeda Nowacki

Geology Samples database website, Jaeda Nowacki, Tyler Faber, James Lane, and Jacob Bradley

The Impetuous Love of Addiction, Ashley Oyer

Plastic prevalence and distribution in bird nests in Valparaiso, IN, Thomas Paul, Cole Philips, Addi Burke, Ethan Peck, and Laurie Eberhardt

Comparisons of volatile organic compounds emitted from pure and weathered polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate, Julie Peller, Stephen P. Mezyk, Gregory P. Horne, Morgan Keller, Joe Castleman, Eddie Kostelnik, Scott Kaiser, and Esteban Kurth

Effects of polyester plastic on attachment behavior in zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) and movement in ramshorn snails (Planorbella campanulata), Cole Philips, Thomas Paul, Laurie Eberhardt, Addi Burke, and Ethan Peck

Speed Reading, Jamie Powell


Vaping Prevalence On College Campus Using a Mixed Methods Design, Lexi Przybylski

Introduction to RobotOS & TurtleBot3, Thomas Quigley

Using Neural Networks to Discover new Tetris™ Strategies, Nathan Randle

Tracking Valpo’s Bluetooth, Nathan Randle, Steve Helm, Mihal Zavalani, and Michael Revor

Abnormal DNA Binding by Metal Reconstituted CooA, James Rolland

Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones in the Southeast Indian Ocean: A Climatology, Samantha Schletz


Effects of a CPC on a Concentrated Solar Energy System, Brian Schmit

Analyzing the Validity of Physical Activity Trackers In Terms of Heart Rate and Energy Expenditure, Stephanie Sgouroudis

Making Change: State Tipped Minimum Wage Policies and the Poverty Gap, Kaitlyn M. Steinhiser

Lithium-Ion Batteries Compared to Lead-Acid Batteries in Mechatronic Football Robots at Different Loads, Ethan Storer

Religion and Domestic Violence in Nigeria, Lucas Strothoff

Reconsidering Debussy's Danse Sacrée et Dance Profane from a Performative Perspective, Alana Swopes

Investigating Low Surface Brightness Objects Identified in the Subaru Survey, Lukas Torgerson

Yōkai in Tōhō Project: Monsters, Modernization, and the Death of Japanese Spirituality, Lukas Torgerson

An Intervention To Improve Personal Hydration, Julie Vick

Design and Synthesis of Potential Anti-fungal Drugs, Jessica Villegas, Noah Moriarty, Matt Mcintyre, Bryce Ball, and Jeffrey Pruet

Statistical Consulting for Kinesiology Capstone Projects, Terry Wade

Desiring the Touch of Something that No Longer Exists: Divinity, Loss of Control, and Agency in NieR: Automata, Kiley Webber