Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2015

Activation of the Rectus Femoris Muscle in Male Collegiate Tennis Players and Male Swimmers, Gabrielle Kosloske I. Kosloske and Kelsey Fitzpatrick

Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: Developing a Method for Reliably Quantifying Current Efficiency, Daniel Kotfer, William Prusinski, and Joshua Grade

Estimating Joint Contributions in Function Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention using Motion Capture and OpenSim: A Preliminary Study, Alexander Kozlowski, Rebekah Koehn, Lauren Knop, Kelly Helm PhD, Luis Prato PT, Anthony Levenda MD, and Craig M. Goehler PhD

The Dependence of Radon Concentration on Meteorological Phenomena, Kelsey Larson

Bird Dispersal of Native and Non-Native Fruiting Plants in a Northwest Indiana Nature Preserve, Chloe L. Lash, Laura Polakowski, and Laurie Eberhardt Dr.


Design of a Magnetic Field Mapping Rover System for a Neutron Lifetime Experiment, Matthew Libersky

Perceval for All Time: Searching for the Holy Grail in Literature and Film, Charlotte J. Lindstrom

Power, Collectivism, and the Failure of the 1911 Revolution: A Cultural Analysis, Jonathan W. Mack

Explorations in Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reactions, Claire C. Mammoser

The Impact of a 5-Week Shoulder Strengthening Program on Division I Swimmers, Megan L. Mariani

Solar Thermal Reduction of Cobalt Oxide: Reactor Model, Zachary J. Matejczyk

Solar Thermal Reactor Model, Zachary J. Matejczyk and ryan hall

Fungal Bioremediation of Human Solid Waste, Alexander Mehreteab, John Stewart, Mark Johnson, and Micheal Keviin Watters

A Case Study of the VU Social Work Department Advising Transition, Rebekah Miller, Madalyn Harvey, Dejana Nonkovic, Sara Von Borstel, and Nicole Maenza

A Long Term Study of 89 Her: A Semi-Regular Pulsating Star, Christopher C. Morrissey

The Determinants of the Household Savings Rate in Ghana, Nandin-Erdene Munkhbat

An Examination of STAR 2012 pi0 Data with Longitudinally Polarized Proton Collisions at 500 GeV, Stephen Place

Testing the d-band Model for Propane Dehydrogenation on Sub-nanometer Transition Metal Clusters, Stephen Place

Non-Crossing Matchings in the Annulus, Puttipong Pongtanapaisan

Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: Reaction Mechanism of Cobalt Oxidation, William Prusinski, Joshua Grade, and Daniel Kotfer

Synthesis of a Benzoboroxole for the Molecular Recognition of Carbohydrates, Agnel Rahul Rayan

Professional Development Experienced Through an Undergraduate Social Work Curriculum, Jennifer Reed and Sara Lukach

Spectroscopic Study of Dye Isomerization in a Host-Guest Complex, Miroslava Repak

Network Visualization Project, Brittany Reynolds, Karl Schmitt, Erin Moore, and Ralucca Gera

Male Rape Victims, Timothy J. Richmond Walter

Somite-Notochord Spreading in Xenopus laevis, Sophia L. Robinson

Computational Screening of Sub-nanometer Transition Metal Clusters for Catalytic Activity, Michael Roeback

Robotic Application of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm, Aaron W. Roggow, Danielle E. Desmond, Chase M. Greenhagen, and Timothy S. Krentz


Mount Rushmore: A Tomb for Dead Ideas of American Greatness, Caleb Rollins


A Biogeographic History of the Plains Bison Focusing on Population and Range Dynamics, Grace Roman

Searching for Companion Stars to Planetary Nebula Central Stars Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Hannah Rotter

Partial Synthesis of an Unnatural Amino Acid, Arman D. Salim

Experience of Diversity Within the Social Work Department, Melanie Schmidt, Lindsay Roettger, Brendan Flaherty, and Arianna Cussick

First Principles Study of Photocatalytic Activity of Graphene-ZnO Nanocomposites, Stephen P. Sekoulopoulos

Receiver Heat Transfer Model, Nicholas Sondag and Jacob Yager

Endurance of SYBR Safe in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Michelle B. Sopetti and Lauren J. Hargrave


Designing a Self-reversing Track Layout with TrackMaster Tracks, Breanna M. Struss and Seth Hamilton

Indie Labs, jessica sunblade

The Topsy-Turvy Gender Carnival: The Use of Humor in Little Women, Nicole E. Thompson Miss

Substance Use Behaviors Among College Students, Taylor J. Thompson and Jessica Mueller

Design and Manufacturing of an Mg Electrolytic Cell, Clint Tres, Daniel White, and Ian Schult

Synthesis and Characterization of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Blagojce Trimoski and Yeongseo An

Accomplished and Noxious: The Legacy and Image of President Richard M. Nixon from 1974 to 2014, Alexander K. Uryga

Acts of Defiance: Symbols of Liberty, Alexander K. Uryga

Rhetoric of Restoration and Reform: Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1932 Campaign for the Presidency, Alexander K. Uryga

The Study of Light Variability in a Sample of Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Abigail Vance

Analyzing the Variability of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae, Andrew C. Webb

Valpo-Sat: The Rotator Software and Hardware for the SatNOGS Open-Sourced Satellite Ground Station, Kaitlin M. Werth, Elise R. DeVol, and Zach D. Scheve

107 Seconds, Haylee Westendorf

Microscopic Simulation and Safety Analysis of Roundabouts, Joshua Wolfgram, Ryan Saline, Jesus Osorio, and Nezamuddin

Producing Magnesium Using Solar Thermal Energy, Jacob Yager and Todd Vervynckt

The Influence of Climate Patterns on the Wintertime Weather of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, Allison Young, Russell G. Danielson, and Katelyn Zigner

An Analysis of Tornado Climatology in the United States with Special Reference to the 2013 Event in Moore, OK, Katelyn Zigner


Product Yield Determination via an Integrated 13C Spectra, Riley N. Zimmer

Submissions from 2014


Development of a Solar Rotary-Kiln Reactor for the Reduction of Metal Oxide Particles, Ali AlNuaimi, Adam Berry, Courtney Brandt, Jesse Fosheim, Eric Loria, Jonathan Ogland-Hand, and Andrew Schrader


Surface-Dependence of Interfacial Binding Strength between Zinc Oxide and Graphene Investigated from First Principles, Allyse Appel, Adam Clark, Kelsey Larson, Haiying He, and Stan Zygmunt


A Long-Term Variability Study of Dying Low and Intermediate Mass Stars, Allyse Appel and Justin Reed


“Col/Ler Number of Fruits per Main Stem” QTL Mapping, Elias Argueta, Ann L. Carlson, Hui Gong, and Robert Swanson


Molecular Hospitality: The Interactions of Brooker’s Merocyanine with Modified Cyclodextrins, Benjamin Averill and Kelsey Larson


Simulation and Verification of Proposed Five Input Majority Logic Gates Using Quantum-dot Cellular Automata, Taylor Baldwin


Up-Scaled Fish Barrier: Vertically Mounted Electrodes are Economical, Maintainable, Safe, Brandon Benninger


The Silhavy Corridor Improvement Project, Matthew Berning, Douglas Coeur, and Jon Sherrick

Light Variation and Period Studies of Southern Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Jacob Bowman and Danielle Crispo


“Sounding” Like Lake-Effect Snow: Evaluating the Thermodynamic and Synoptic Setup of Northwest Indiana Lake-Effect Events Using Local Profiles and Numerical Modeling, Adam Brainard, Russell Danielson, Kaitlyn Heinlein, Kevin Wagner, and Kevin Goebbert

Neutral Pion Asymmetries at Intermediate Pseudorapidity in Transversely Polarized p + p Collisions at √s = 200 GeV, Samuel Brandt


Generalization of Social Skills Learned via Video-Modeling in Children with ASD, Andrea Bretl and Lindsey Smith


An International Comparison of Law Enforcement Stress and Professional Satisfaction, Holly Buckman, Agata Freedle, Amanda Tuohy, and Amanda Zelechoski


Synoptic and Lake-Effect Classification of Snowfall in the Lake Michigan Region: Deriving Clarity Using WRF Simulations, Alex Caruthers and Ryan Connelly


Service Learning and Its Transformative Effects on the College Experience, Randi Charters, Cassie Hailey, Mary O'Brien, and Dashiauna Washington


PMMA Mechanical Test for the Medium Scale High Voltage Apparatus (MSHV), Adam Clark

An Ortho/Para Deuterium Converter for Ultra-Cold Neutron Production at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Adam M. Clark


Mental Health Stigmas and Counseling Center Utilization, Christina Crawley, Johannah Facer, Simone Ingram, Cara Odom, and Sara Watts


#GunViolence #Chicago, Luetta Curtis


Synoptic and Lake-Effect Classification of Snowfall in the Lake Michigan Region, Eleanor Delap, Sarah Fingerle, Kaitlyn Heinlein, Allison Young, and Craig Clark


Interannual and Seasonal Variability of Tropical Cyclone Genesis in the Northwest Australia Basin, Eleanor Delap, Nathan Kelly, Mallory Row, Zachary Sefcovic, and Kevin Goebbert


The Relationship between Self-Described Spirituality and an External or Internal Locus of Control, Elizabeth Dibley

Characterizing the three GAPDH in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Jackeline Fernandez and Samantha A. Tres


Comparison of English and Spanish Medical Information Sheets, Jenessa Franco, Jacob Hoffman, Lily Salinas, Theresa Whalen, Jessica Coapstick, Ila A. Jackson, and Graciela Payan


Preparation of an Epoxide Precursor for Palladium-Catalyzed Trimethylenemethane Cycloaddition, Chase Freeland and William Prusinski

Long-Term Brightness Variation Study in Three Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Stephen Freund and Christopher Morrissey


The Effects of Guided Reading on Reading Comprehension, Jaqueline Garcia, Jared Joseph, and Alex Carli


Defining the Genetic Basis for Seed Yield in Arabidopsis thaliana, David Goad, Ann Carlson, Hui Gong, and Robert Swanson


Applying Memory Science to the Classroom: Effects of Reading Questions and Answer Keys on Test Scores, Holly Griskell, Erin Harrington, Andrea Bretl, Emmanuel Bara-Hart, Nathaniel Terry, Amanda McCullough, and Phuong Quynh Nguyen

Solid State Kinetics for the Reduction of Cobalt Oxide, Ryan L. Hall

Does PKC-beta II Modulate Colon Cell Growth?, Lauren Hargrave and Michelle Sopetti


Doing Theology Through Discernment: An Analysis of Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, Lydia Hawkins


The Comparison between Intensive and Standard Physical Therapy after Reconstructive Knee Surgery, Selina Hodogbey


Emotional Responses upon Study Abroad Reentry, Amanda Jonikaitis, Patty Carrillo, Maleni Angon, and Lindsey Dever


Purifying a Mutated Carbon Monoxide Binding Protein, CooA C75S, Caitlin Keller, William Prusinski, Emily Sallman, Katelyn Stermer, Brittany Thurston, Laura Rowe, and Thomas Goyne

Screening Cellular Machinery for New Unnatural Amino Acids, Brett A. Kelly


Spectrofluorometric Quantification of Optical Brighteners in Ambient Water, Sean Kennedy


The Effect of Lightning on Tropospheric Ozone Concentrations over Valparaiso, Indiana in 2006 and 2007, Abby Kenyon, Kevin Wagner, and Molly Becker


Expressive Writing as a Manipulation to Reduce Test Anxiety, Chelsea Kiehl, Brittney Groulx, and Torrie Decker

Examining the Dampening Effects of Varying Shoe Architecture During Gait, Lauren Knop, David Rutkowski, and Brie Lawson


Exploring Patterns in November Snowfall Using GIS Mapping and Analysis, Dana Koning, Alex Carne, and Bharath Ganesh Babu


Estimating Upper Extremity Joint Contributions in Functional Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention Using OpenSim, Alexander Kozlowski, Fernando Aguilar, and Eric Honert

Estimating Upper Extremity Joint Contributions in Functional Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention Using OpenSim, Alex Kozlowski, Eric Honert, Fernando Aguilar, and Craig M. Goehler


Assessing Addictions in a Spiritual World: Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equations Modeling to Develop the Life Interests Questionnaire, Victoria Labitan, Kelly Perfect, Diana Stribl, Avery Blackburn, Erin Harrington, Lisa Bowman, Linnea Greci, Elizabeth Dibley, and Heidi Binder

Calibrating the STAR Endcap Calorimiter for 2012 Data and Optimizing the Tower Gains for 2009 Data, Erik Langholz


A First-Principle Study of Small Neutral and Anionic Silver Halide Clusters, Erik Langholz, Stephen Place, John Eric Tiessen, Haiying He, and Stan Zygmunt