Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2023


Is the sales growth rate of electric vehicles related to the rate of growth of charging infrastructure?, Amar Agrawal

Study of The Intersection of Campus Dr. and Chapel Dr., Isac Alarcon Aguilar

Experimenting with 19th-Century Programming Aesthetics: Edward McDowell's Woodland Sketches Op. 51 (1896), Logan Albright


Targeted Sanction Effects, Nour Alhajjeh

Vocal-Instrumental Transfer in Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (1880), Elias J. Anderson

Development of a Liposomal Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis, Evan S. Annis and Lauren Sestito

A Look Inside: The Druid's Reckoning, Martha Aponbiede, Travis Biancardi, Nicole Brown, and Aiden Moran

Developing an Instrument to Identify Depression in College Freshmen, Marypaz Arroyo, Estelle Niego, Julianna Barbosa, Hannah Krueger, and Natalie Lipp

Utilization of Consumer Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Land Management and Mapping, Daniel Asselstine

Genetic Algorithm for Finding Maximum k-Distinct Lattice Paths, Ariel Fayol Ateufack Zeudom

Polarization within Democratic Institutions, Sophia Behrens

Building Blocks: A Series of Paintings, Anna Beres

Extraction, Separation, and Synthesis of Plant-derived Antimicrobial Compounds, Hannah Bhakta, Juan Ostos Hernandez, Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, and Jeffrey Pruet


A Social Cognitive Theory-Based Program to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect Cases Among Adults, Jasmin Bonilla

Why did Handel dance the hornpipe? Examining English Hornpipes Through The Lens of Handel’s Water Music, Carolina Bowen

The Price of Ownership: An Evaluation of Digital and Tangible Items, Rachael Brainerd, Ethan Wlodarczyk, and Cristian Pagan

Thermocouple Welding Fixture, Ethan Edward Brannon


AMM Historical Database, Chris Brown, Matthew Dembny, and Beth Hanusin

Probing medicinal plants for novel antimicrobial compounds, Demi Brown, Chase Ray, Daryush Mansuri, Mykenzie Fox, Caleb VanArragon, Noelle Doody, Jeffrey Pruet, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

The Effect of Plastic Bags on Decomposition and Necrophagous Fly Composition, Kristi Bugajski, Maranda Powell, and Kaylee Huyser

Determining the Delay Time Distribution Rate for SN Ia Using Monte Carlo Simulations, Brook Burbridge, Todd Hillwig, and William Bakke

The Influence of Virtuosity and Nationalism in Alexander Arutunian’s Trumpet Concerto in Ab Major (1950), Graham Butler

Formation and Identification of Small Microplastics and Nanoplastics, Joe Castleman, Scott Kaiser, and Sydney Martens

Adults' Language Abilities: Relations Between Metacognition and Cross-Situational Word Learning, Larissa Chavarria

The Consequences of an Ungoverned Internet: The Path Toward Regulation of Hate Speech on Social Media, Nick Christ

De-Colonizing Puccini's Opera Turandot (1924), Darnell D. Crater

Community Matters: The Impact of Support and Resource Access on First-Generation College Students, Jessica Creech

The Shift in Latino Voting in the United States, Ana Cristina

Ring Fit Exercise Analysis, Ryan Cummings and Bethany Luke

Deaccessioning Documentary, Nick Davis

Quantification of Microplastics In Soil Samples - Method Development, Sara Dick, Timothy Benz, Gaby Salazar, Heta Patel, Shiya Kamra, Sophia Wrobleski, and Tekeidra Masters

Determining the Effectiveness of a Physician Assistant Curriculum using Data Analysis, Nicholas Dietz

Identification and characterization of a novel axon guidance receptor in the layer-specific visual projection, Maya Dunson, Cory Meyers, Adelyn Carney, Sam Hafner, Tytus Ragle, Chizu Nakamoto, and Masaru Nakamoto

Performative Meaning in the Interpretation of the Schleifer-Ornament in Bach‘s “Zerfließe Mein Herze”, Sophia Duray and Katharina Udhe

Race and Gender Bias in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations, Skylar R. Easha, Kamila Wolowiec, Kayla C. Smith, Abigail R. Thompson, Allison J. Kom, Alexandra M. Herbert, and Rylee K. Garzavaltierra

Leonard Bernstein and the Lavender Scare: Manifestations of Anxiety toward Queerness in Symphony No. 2 The Age of Anxiety, Kaelie Eberhart


A Statistical Analysis of Valparaiso University's Math Placement Process, Anton Eschenauer

Dichotomous Thinking Effects on Gamma Wave Production, Kristen Flaws

Intellectual Humility in the academic setting, Gabriella Frangopoulos, Grace kostoff, and Kylie Bowlds

Synthesis and Characterization of Sodium Alginate Hydrogels for Lymphatic Drug Delivery, Kiefer P. Frank and Lauren Sestito

Developing a New Stimuli Database, Liam G. Hanley

FUSTAL: A parallel statistics library in futhark, Ethan Hawk

RingFit vs. Traditional Exercises: Which Is More Effective To Prevent Future Injuries?, Danielle Heinz, Allison Schmidt, and Abby Middleton

Exploring Student Experiences in Valparaiso University's Transition to Teaching Program, Karina Hernandez Cazarez

Impossible Machines, Eric Hernandez

Air Flow Visualization System, Ryan Hoffman and Peter Krenzke

Neoliberal Economic Policy & Economic Inequality, Thomas Huffman

Tracing Emotional Responses of College Students Listening to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” Using Color Psychology, Brianna Irvine

Gene-by-Environment Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana in Response to Precipitation Extremes, Marilyn Ives, Simranjit Kaur, and Abby Boyle

Quantifying the Vibrational Response of Acoustic Guitars, Nathan Joffe and Elias Anderson

Possible Connections Between Polypore Mushroom Growth And Areas Of High Apis Mellifera Population Density, Amelia King

The Relationship Between Intellectual Humility and Susceptibility., Grace Kostoff, Kylie Bowlds, and Ella Frangopoulos

Development of a Classroom-Feasible Protocol for Carbon Dot Synthesis & Characterization, Paityn Krout and Lauren Sestito

Hypertension, Risk Factors, and Education in Healthy College Students Over Time, Hannah LaFary, Marianna Baca, Asia Janeczek, Estelle Niego, Nick Ridder, Isabella Dietrich, Bryn Benzing, Alyssa Gonzalez, and Adalynn Harper

Brass Multiphonics in the works of William Kraft and Øystein Baadsvik and Expanding the Possibilities of Solo Brass Repertoire, Adam Lindemer

Campus Information Prototype Application, Charles Malachinski and Nick Bean

Understanding the Impacts of War Crime Prosecution on Democracy and Trust in the State, Anna Mason

Funding Representation: An analysis of credit availability for minority owned businesses, Myles Mattsey

The role of handedness and statistical learning in adults' language abilities, Meghan McCann and Allison Kom

Does it Matter Who is Teaching? Preschoolers’ Learning of Word-Object Mappings from Children and Adults., Mary Beth Mihevc and Melanie Piunti

Determining the Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetry (A_LL) for pi0 and eta Production from STAR 2013 Endcap Calorimeter Data, Emily Nelson


Printed Circuit Board Design with Open-Source Software, Hannah Nelson

Design of Fluorescence Marker-Enzyme Fusion Proteins, Maya Nietzel and Amber M. Garcia


Morphological Effects of Simulated Low-Gravity in Neurospora crassa, Maya Nietzel and Leanna Steverson

Loan Approval Prediction Based On The Decision Tree And Random Forest Methods., Ravi Kiran Nimmagadda

Determining the Role of the CooA Heme and its Environment in Carbon Monoxide Specific Sensing, Nicole Norfolk, Burke Niego, Alexa Lederhaus, and Antigone Wilson

Effects of Hiking Trails on the Percentage of Dicot Plant Species with Animal-Mediated Seed Dispersal Methods, Sophia Panfil

Effect of Plastic on Predation of Bird Nests, Sophia Panfil, Elissa Torgerson, Gabrielle Unzicker, and Laurie Eberhardt PhD


Candida albicans Infection Decreases The Expression Of The Na+-K+-2Cl– Cotransporter 1 In T84 and Madin Darby Canine Kidney Cells, Elizabeth Park, George Gundelach, Sara Tewoldemedhin, Idalia Zachara, and Patrice G. Bouyer


The Use of Percussion in Berlioz‘s Symphony Fantastique (1830) in Light of his Treatise for Instrumentation (1844), Ricky Paz

Evaluating the Indirect Effect of Music on Learning: The Arousal Mood Hypothesis, Ellie Roeglin

The Phantom of the Opera and Mental Health for Female Performers, Lee Ross

Campus Assessment of Parking Lot Occupancy, Carly Schiene

Comparative Analysis of Peanut Roundabouts and All-Way Stop Intersections, Carly Schiene

Engineering Design Optimization of Small Drone Landing Gear, Paul D. Sennyey and Jesse M. Sestito


CubeSat Simulator, Aaron Shaw

Analysis of Campus Pedestrian Pathways, Grace Shebel and Angela Shebel


Examining the Attitudes and Communication Preferences of Customers during the Home Buying Process: Perspectives of Past and Current Customers’ Local Realtor., Yuiko Shimizu, Nikole Tzioufas, Anna De Windt, Meg Bell, and Emily Rohamn


The Peasant's Fell Bargain Computer Game, Drew Simmons, Alyssa Matthews, and Ryan Nguyen

Black Women Can… Artist Talk, kayla smith

VIVID Senior Thesis Artist Talk, kayla smith

Homelessness and Competency to Stand Trial: Understanding the Intersections Between Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, and Criminalization in Competency Outcomes., Kayla Smith, Rylee K. Garzavaltierra, Alexandra M. Herbert, Skylar R. Easha, Abigail R. Thompson, Allison J. Kom, and Kamila Wolowiec

"Regietheater" in Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (1867): Barry Kosky's 2017 Production, Shelby Stinson

Evaluation of Alternative Vehicle Detection Systems at Signalized Intersections, Evan Stock, Carly Schiene, and Leah Haman

How Art Interpretation Preserves Memory: The Significance of Historic Responses to A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884), Olivia Tambrini

Description of and Relationships among Potential Variables Supported for the Diagnosis of Delayed Ejaculation, Lijana Teague and Sarah Padilla


Elderly Fall Prevention Program Based on Social Cognitive Theory, Prerana Thapa

Lower Back Injury Prevention: EMG behavior of the erector spinae muscle during fatigue, Janaye Thomas, Isoken Ogli, and Sara Brito

Neither fair nor speedy?: An evaluation of Indiana's competency to stand trial process during Covid-19, Abigail R. Thompson, Allison J. Kom, Rylee K. Garzavaltierra, Kayla Smith, Alexandra M. Herbert, Kamila Wolowiec, and Skylar R. Easha

Raman Spectroscopy, Jayden Tope, Jack King, Demi Brown, Sarah Hill, and Paul Smith

Amy Beach's Song, "The Year's at the Spring" (1899), Georgina Tyderek

Independence in College Golf Scores, Caleb VanArragon

Antimicrobial Activities of Several Argemone mexicana-Inspired Phytocompounds, Caleb VanArragon, Noelle Doody, Mykenzie Fox, Demi Brown, Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, and Jeffrey Pruet

Exploring Asian Cuisine: A Cookbook for Beginners, Nathan Vargas

The Synthesis of Potential Anti-fungal Compounds, Evan Walda and Kevin Jantzi


Mentally Ill Offenders and Recidivism Rates, Makenzie Ward


Analog Integrated Circuit Design Using SkyWater Open-Source PDK, Philip Wig

The Effect of Foot Position on Center of Foot Pressure during Squatting in Female Athletes, Adelina Wolok, Bethany Luke, and Kelly Alice Krazl

Buffalo String Works -- A Music Program for Young String Players in Buffalo, NY, Amber Wright