Formerly the Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship, SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format.


Submissions from 2024

Before the Dam Breaks: How Transparency in Negotiations Influence the Outcome of Large Scale Hydroelectric Projects, Merrick Adams

Education Referenda Passage in Northwest Indiana: Analyzing Factors and Voter Characteristics, Grace Aurand

Photographing and Editing a Partial Solar Eclipse Timelapse, Eliot Aust


IT Service Desk Simulation Model, Pavan Kumar Battula

The Affect of Racial Resentment on Perceptions of Political Polarization, Natan Beniam


Apparently Healthy College Students: Elevated Blood Pressure and the Need for Cardiovascular Risk Education, Bryn Benzing, Isabella Dietrich, Adalynn Harper, Alyssa Gonzalez, and Hannah LaFary

The Effects of Female Involvement in Legislature on the Policy Process, Tina Berger

Creating Culturally Inclusive Text Sets for an Elementary Classroom, Mia Bertino

Synthesis of Argemone mexicana Inspired Antimicrobial Agents, Hannah Bhakta, Juan Ostos Hernandez, Brooke Ferkull, Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, and Jeffrey Pruet

Using Environmental Biotechnology to Improve Waterways in Jalisco, Mexico, Hannah Bhakta, Aimee Plachta, Sophia Wrobleski, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

A Nash Solution for the Ukrainian-Russian War, Prashant Bhatta and Matthew Landrum


The Influence of Government and Private Assistance on Refugee Labor Force Participation in the United States, Erin Bigler

Modeling Close Binary Systems Within Planetary Nebulae, Lilly Blanton

Real, Digital? Product Type on Joy, Psychological Ownership, and Worth., Rachael Brainerd, Cristian Pagan, and Ethan Wlodarczyk

Grief Through Landscape Photography, Echo Brambert and Clay Kraus


BCON - 1: The Satellite project, Blair Bram and Ben Jones


Probing medicinal plants for novel antimicrobial compounds, Nolan Brezina, Gracie Holt, Daileen Serrano, and Jenna Yehyawi


Analysis of Road Dust Sediment from Valparaiso, IN., Emily Broniewicz, Abe Orozco-Munoz, Ali Egertson, Allison Schoenbeck, Alyssa Suprenant, Cady Caldwell, Cas Grant, Desirae Kahn, Yaasantewa Mustapha, Emma Pasco, Margot Santana, Margot Santana, Yaasantewa Mustapha, Yanni Flaherty, Zach Stewart, and Julie Peller

ManyBabies3: A Replication Study on Pattern Recognition in Infants, Lily Budny

Maggots in the hot tub, Kristi Bugajski

Simulating the Effects of 3rd-Body Interactions on Orbits of Binary Systems, Brook Burbridge and Todd Hillwig


Guitar Soundboard Research Project, Lydia Burkee


The Effects of High and Low Gravity on Neurospora Crassa, Siobhan Cleveland and Michael Watters


The Double Life of Franz Schubert: Der Doppelgänger and Homosexual Identity in 19th Century Vienna, Jasmine Collins

Environmental Restoration Target Estimation Around Engquist Nature Preserve, Jack E. Colwell, Doc Janowiak, Korbin L. Opfer, Justin Self, and Jon-Paul McCool

Depletion of the Groundwater Commons in the Ogallala Aquifer: An Interdisciplinary Approach from Science, Technology, and Society, Jack E. Colwell, Kyle Morrison, Conner Daehler, Megan Goff, and Ellie McCauley

The Impact of Exercise on Salivary Nitric Oxide, Elliot Cook and Lauren Sestito

Manufacturing Humans, Anthony Cosenza, Demetria Zoldak, Allison Schmidt, and Ethan Storer

Quantifying Microplastic Contamination: Method Development, Kyle Creager and Tekeidra Masters


Cookin’ Time: Deploying a Satellite Synchronized Oven-Controlled Oscillator Stratum-1 Timekeeping System, Matthew Dembny, Nathan Wessel, and Thaddeus Malatlian

Infinitely Liminal Spaces, Maiah Deogracias

The exploration of gender references in children's books, Natalie Ensor, Emily Gibson, Kamila Wolowiec, Grace Kostoff, Meghan McCann, Katherine Naylor, Ana Bozinovski, and Isabella Pressler


Liposome Synthesis and Size Control for Lymphatic Filariasis Treatment, Anna Fay and Lauren Sestito


Discover Radio Astronomy: A Horn Antenna for Hydrogen Line Observations, Laura Floyd

Automation of iterative computer aided design and finite element analysis in SolidWorks, Gavin Forck and Jesse M. Sestito

Policy Analysis of Alternatives to Immigration Detention Centers: Impact of the Physical and Mental Health of Migrants, Fatima Garcia-Cardenas


Did My Professor Waste Money?: Computational Cluster Configuration Variations and Cost-Efficiency, Christian Garcia and Nicholas Rosasco

Pinhole Valparaiso, Hayden Gard, Angel Echevarria, Dylan Murphy, Madison Stamper, Noah Godsell, and Shehna Zaman

Does the Racial Makeup of the Defendant-Victim Relationship Affect Jury Decision-Making in Non-Violent Crimes?, Rylee K. Garza-Valtierra


The Effect of Caffeine on Wingate Performance and Blood Lactate Levels for Anaerobic Track and Field Athletes, Victoria Gerhardt

Wolf-sick: A Trans Retelling of Marie de France’s Bisclavret, Zion Gifford


Simulating Pulsar Magnetospheres Using Magnetohydrodynamics, Nicholas Gilles

Garage Sale Today: Senior Thesis Art Talk, Emily Graves


The Bane of the Ancients: A Software Adaptation of the Tabletop Role-Playing Adventure, Jacob Griffin, Dominic Niceforo, and Charlie Hanson

Cat-Spoon, Pants-Car: Testing Trials Needed for a Picture Paired Associates Task for Adults, Paige Haluska and Jordyn McNamara

A Correlational Study of Full Time College Students’ Perceived Stress Levels and Physical Activity Habits, Ashley Harding

Exploring the Realistic Factors Involved in the Pursuit of a Professional Counseling Career, Anjelina J. Haro, Kara A. VanHimbergen, and Ashlee E. Pendleton


Similarities and Differences Between Men with Self-reported Lifelong and Acquired Difficulty Reaching Ejaculation, Kathryn Harrold and Andrew Attinger


Unveiling the Silence: Examining Mental Health Treatment in Japanese American Incarceration Camps and its Legacy on Subsequent Generations, Katie Masano Hill

Impacts of Canned Food During the American Civil War, Sarah Hill

An Iron Oxide Mediated Solar Decoupled Electrolysis Cycle, Sarah Hill and Paul F. Smith

Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization in an Undergraduate Lab, Noah Houseworth and Lauren Sestito

The Black Maternal Mortality Rate: Furthering the Discussion on the Deadly Symptomatic Reflections of Structural Racism on Black Mothers and Analyzing State-Level Policies' Effectiveness in Lowering the Black Maternal Mortality Rate, Allison Howard

Infill toolpath optimization for fused deposition modeling, Sarah Iselin and Jesse Sestito

Under the Authoritarian Eye: Digital Surveillance and Protest Activity in the Middle East, Sierra Jackson

Scientific and Social Obstacles for Meat Substitution, Emma Jacobs, Carolina Bowen, Damon Virgo, Noah Durlam, and Adam Monnette


Efficient Solar Thermal Electricity Unlocked: Sodium Heat Pipes in the Solar Furnace, Alex Kagay, Micah D'Arcangelo, Joshua Mangnall, Mario Ramos, Ethan Duff, Noah Fisher, Max Van Den Berg, Dr. Peter T. Krenzke, and Dr. Luke J. Venstrom

Enhancing the Student Learning Experience Through Community Involvement, McKenna Kalan


The Quantitative Genetics of Plant Growth Response to Precipitation Extremes in Arabidopsis thaliana, Simranjit Kaur, Abby Boyle, Cassidy Eckstein, Grace Peterson, Marilyn Ives, Sydney Martens, and Jane Kenney-Hunt

Resonance of Response: Mahler’s Journey with his First Symphony in the Face of Criticism, Jacob Keen

Does hand dominance matter? Examining statistical learning in adults, Allison Kom and Meghan McCann


Effect of Isometric Vs. Kinetic Training on Hand Grip Strength, Michael Korn

Can’t Hornswoggle an Old Salt Video Game, Aubrey Kranz, Tobi Ogundehin, Elias Lopez, and Colin Burge

Photometric Survey of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae, Samantha Krusza and Todd Hillwig

Life’s Not Black-and-White: Identity Expression and Race in Invisible Man, Cori Laatsch

GoBabyGo: Modified Ride-On Cars for Kids, Emma Lacey, Abby Middleton, and Quinn Brothers


Using Word2Vec and N-Grams to Create Shakespearean Texts, Hexin Liu


Tomorrow's Odyssey: Love, Scars, and Change, Maria Mack

Light and Prayer in Icons, Abby Manak

Evaluating Liposome Stability in Gastric and Intestinal Environments, Makayla Mann and Lauren Sestito


Corruption in Latin American States Affects Trust Among the Citizens, Daryush Mansuri and James Old


Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Effects of Bothrops atrox Snake Venom, Daryush Mansuri, Jeffrey Pruet, Patrice Bouyer, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

Iconicity of Images in the Most Circulated Children’s Books from Three Counties, Meghan McCann and Kaylee Shank

Culturally and Historically Accurate Teaching, Alyssa Meegan

Expression to Experimentation: The Effect of Emotional Theories on the Transition from Romantic to Modernist Music, Mary Beth Mihevc

What’s that? A New Set of Novel Stimuli for Research, Mary Beth Mihevc and Zoey North


Harre Union Photo Booth: Back End Overhaul, Trent Miller, Jake Wischer, Lilu Smith, and Nathan Fox

GUI design to allow for easy use of complex multi-objective optimization algorithms, Kyle Morrison and Jesse M. Sestito


Quantitative Trends of Air Quality in NWI Using and Evaluating the PurpleAir Sensors, Abe Orozco-Munoz, Emma Bollech, and Christopher Iceman


Plastics Are Everywhere For Shore, Emma Pasco, Siobhan Cleveland, Cheyann Odle, Colin Hartnett, Cady Caldwell, Micah Isreal, Cammay Brown, and Stephen Jenny


Heteroatom Effects in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Emily Pavasars

Impact of Social-Emotional Learning in a Low-Income Elementary School, Grace Peacock

Leveling Up the Leitmotif: Understanding How the Unique Medium of Video Games Explores and Develops the Leitmotif, Abigail Pintoy

What's Under the Flap? Creating a Word-Learning Picture Book with Flaps, Melanie Piunti


Exploring the Impact of Diversity on Organizational Leadership: A Gendered Perspective on Strengths and Leadership Experiences among Students, Allison Plachta

Application of Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization to Elucidate the Trade-Off Between the Solar Fraction and Cost of Parabolic Trough Solar Industrial Process Heat with Thermal Energy Storage, Mario Ramos, Luke J. Venstrom, and Jonathan Ogland-Hand


Does Pleasurable Music Indirectly Better Learning?: A Multimodal Approach, Ellie Roeglin

Forecasting the Road Ahead: A Survival Analysis of Car Accidents in Chicago (2018-2024), Oracio Rosas

“It’s an Old Song”: An Analysis of Music’s Favorite Myth, Becca Schatte

Loke Mural Project, Becca Schatte, Beth Sobierajski, and Hope Lukasik

Evaluation of Continuous Auxiliary Lanes at Cloverleaf Interchanges, Carly Schiene

Horse and Buggy Intersection Sight Distance R/W Impacts, Carly Schiene


Perfected Love in the Present Day: T.S. Eliot’s Adaptation of Revelations of Divine Love in Little Gidding, Quinlan Scott

Real vs. Animated? When teaching about development does video format matter?, Kaylee Shank, Mary Emma Zimmermann, Ashlee Tracy, Paige Vucich, and Abbie Thomspon

How weather affects travel on campus, Grace Shebel


Computer Vision-Based System to Study Parking Utilization, Charles Smith, Fayol Ateufack Zeudom, Jay Grossman, and Sami Khorbotly

Immigration and Economic Integration, Ellesha Smith


College of Engineering Document Scanner Project, Nicholas Sonntag, Hexin Liu, and Hunter Peri


Creative Expression and Documentation: The Who, How, and Why of Journaling, Cylia Srmek

Social Isolation in Older Adults: Systematic Review, Sara Story, Maria Camacho, and Peyton Throw