Submissions from 2017

Tüketici Temelli Marka Değeri: Özel Markalı Ürünler Üzerine Bir Araştırma (Consumer-Based Brand Equity: A Study on Private Label Brands), Nilay Bakircioglu, Ilayda Ipek, Musa Pinar, and Paul Trapp

Measuring Consumer-Based Brand Equity for Private-Label Brands: Cross-Country Comparisons, Tulay Girard, Paul Trapp, Ilayda Ipek, Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu, and Musa Pinar

Employing Data Mining Techniques to Detect Diabetes, Sanjeev Jha and Yamini Jha

Humility or Ego: Predicting Personal Research Network Composition of Scientists, Yamini Jha and Eric W. Welch

Fan-Based Brand Equity for the National Football League: Antecedents and the Measurement Scale, Gokhan Karaatli, Serdar Turedi, and Musa Pinar

A Case-study Based Analysis of Mismatch between Chinese Cultural Orientation and Western Supply Chain Design, Sanjay Kumar

China vs. the West: An Objective Analysis of Supply Chain Practices, Sanjay Kumar


Interaction of National Culture and Supply Chain Disruptions - Planning and Financial Impact, Sanjay Kumar

Cash and Inventory as Mediators for Financial Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions, Sanjay Kumar and S. Lu

Analysis of C-Level Executive Pay in Indian Companies, Jiangxia Liu, Sanjeev Jha, and Sanjay Kumar


Examining Purchase Shares of Private Label-Brands and Consumer Demographics: A study in the United States and Turkey, Musa Pinar, Tulay Girard, Ilayda Ipek, Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu, and Paul Trapp

Earnings Manipulations: A complication between Managers and Investors, Elzotbek Rustambekov and Joseph Trendowski

Inconvenient Truth: Bridging the Gap between Practitioners and Academics, Elzotbek Rustambekov and Joseph Trendowski

A Behavioral Experiment on the Underweighting Bias in Serial Supply Chains, S. Sarkar and S. Kumar

Does Advance Warning Help Mitigate the Impact of Supply Chain Disruptions? An Experimental Investigation, S. Sarkar and S. Kumar


Employing Visual Analytics to Understand Worldwide Prevalence & Impact of Diabetes Epidemic, Randall A. Swanson, Nathan Mahan, and Sanjeev Jha


Examining Private-Label Brand Equity Dimensions: Do Brand Equity Dimensions Differ for Different PLBs of the Same Store?, Paul Trapp, Musa Pinar, and Tulay Girard

Risk Taking and Failure at the Onset of the Financial Crisis- A Decade in Review, Joseph Trendowski and Elzotbek Rustambekov

Risk Preference Changes in the Kuwait Banking Industry Impact on Profitability, Joseph Trendowski, Elzotbek Rustambekov, Jassem AlShamaa, and Abdullah Alonazi


South Shore Clean Cities – Increasing Environmental Benefits through Reduction, Joseph Trendowski and Stephanie Trendowski


Examining Millennials' Perception of Service Gender-Stereotyping Across Four Cultures: An Exploratory Study, Coleen Wilder, Musa Pinar, Kelsie Bolerjack, and Gokhan Karaatli

Submissions from 2016


Applying Decision Utility to Solve Problems with Limited Resources in Parks and Police Management, Ceyhun Ozgur