Submissions from 2019

On Copoint Graphs, Michael Albert, Evan Franchere, and Tenzin Zomkyi


Propane Dehydrogenation Using Transition Metal Cluster Catalysts, Sarah E. Bradash, Andrew D. Hoisington, Stan A. Zygmunt, and Louis Fadel

Comparing Morphological Responses to Stimuli in Candida albicans and Neurospora crassa, Paige Camp, Kirsten Treptow, Micheal Keviin Watters, Patrice Bouyer, and Megan Kelly

An Agent-based Model of Pollen Competition in Arabidopsis thaliana, Montana Ferita, Charlotte Beckford, and Julie Fucarino

VLA Imaging of Atomic Hydrogen-Bearing Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies and the HI Size-Mass Relation, Lexi Gault

Noise-Induced Stabilization of Hamiltonian Systems, Daniel Meskill, Julia Garner, and Victor G. Hughes

Characterizing the Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities and Several Associated Bioactive Compounds of Argemone mexicana, Teodora Najdeska, Tj Lefeber, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

Generalized Motzkin Paths, Madeleine Naquin, Frank Seidl, and Isaac DeJager

Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Cassandra Niemeyer

Reduction of Cobalt Oxide Using Concentrated Solar Energy, Ben Smith, Brian Schmit, and Katie Bassett

Progress Towards a Library of Potential Fungicides, Justin Van Sickle, Anna Bockman, and Jeffrey Pruet PhD

Periodic Light Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae, David M. Vogl

Submissions from 2018

Altering the Activity of a Ni4 Catalyst for Propane Dehydrogenation Using a Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Support, Jacob Allred, Christopher Smith, and Stan Zygmunt

Gluon Contribution to Proton Spin and the Connection to Forward Calorimetry at STAR, Miya Bailey

Spectroscopic Classification of Evolved Star Candidates, Michael A. Battipaglia

Data Reduction and Analysis of Photometric Data for 48 Evolved Stars from the All Sky Automated Survey and Valparaiso University Observatory, Matthew T. Bremer


Modification of Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase in Order to Incorporate an Unnatural Amino Acid, Grace Burkhart

Effects of Zeolite Morphology on Adsorption of Brooker’s Merocyanine Dye, Nicholas R. Cesario, Maia E. O. Wygle, and Jennifer S. Holt

Constructing Copoint Graphs of Convex Geometries, Giana Cirulli, Sierra Knavel, and Ezequiel Estrada


Antimicrobial Activity and Germination Conditions of the Medicinal Plant Argemone mexicana, Kelly Davidson, Teodora Najdeska, and Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly

Determining the Fate of NKCC1 in the Endocytic Pathway and its Role in Host Defense, Marie Dix, Payton Klosa, Amanda Bazaldua, Michael Watters, and Patrice Bouyer


Firewalls: A Balance Between Security and Accesibility, Nathan Ecker

The Cold Shock Response of Neurospora crassa Pertaining to Temperature and Light Conditions, Mason Franiak

HI-Bearing Ultra-diffuse Galaxies: A Look Into AGC 749290, Lexi Gault

Quantifying and Analyzing Microfiber Pollution in the Salt Creek Watershed, Allen Huff, Ashley Smith, Eddie Kostelnik, Maria Kubalewski, Emma Montgomery, Julie Peller, Laurie Eberhardt, Robert Clark, and Christopher Iceman

The Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids, Madeline Johnson

Optimizing the Creditworthiness Threshold of a Bivariate Distribution, Malachi L. Jones, Victoria E. Knutson, and Benjamin Stockton

Pattern Packing in Words, Julia Krull, Eric D. Redmon, and Andrew Reimer-Berg

Impact of Microfiber Pollution on Planorbis sp. (Ramshorn Snail) Fecundity, Growth & Mortality, Anna M. Kubalewski, Allen Huff, Eddie Kostelnik, Emma Montgomery, Ashley L. Smith, Laurie Eberhardt, and Julie Peller

Synthesis of an Unnatural Fluorescent Amino Acid, Hannah J. Laatsch, Moriah G. Carmel, and Thomas Goyne


Fantastic Patterns and Where Not to Find Them, Nicholas Lewandowski, Teresa Wheeland, and Jacob Roth


To Bind or not to Bind: Understanding how CooA Activates, Celia McGhiey and Marcus Clark

Classroom Acoustics, Micah Nord

Observing Light Variations and Period Analysis of Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Sammantha K. Nowak-Wolff and Tim J. Bimler

Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: Long-term Behavior of Electrolytic Cell, Marcus A. Ochsendorf, Jonathan K. Schoer, Laura Engerer, Robert Palumbo, Rachel Silcox, Luke Venstrom, and Shahin Nudehi


Using Very Large Array data to Image and Analyze Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy AGC 749251, Kameron Reiter

Using Citizen Science to Conduct Microfiber Pollution Research Within the Salt Creek Watershed, Ashley Smith, Maria Kubalewski, Emma Montgomery, Allen Huff, Eddie Kostelnik, Julie Peller, Laurie Eberhardt, Christopher Iceman, and Robert Clark

Generating Monte Carlo Data to Study the Backgrounds in 𝜋0 production in p+p collisions at RHIC, Joseph Snaidauf

Neutral Pion Helicity Asymmetry Analysis at STAR with an Emphasis on Integration of Updated Monte Carlo Simulation, Noah Strand

Asymmetric Two-Sex Models, Gwyneth Terrett, Jared Ott, and Elizabeth Anderson

Submissions from 2017

Minimising the Residual Field and Field Gradient in a Magnetically Shielded Room for an nEDM experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Chamindu S. Amarasinghe

Binary Stars in Planetary Nebulae using Kepler Data, Michael A. Battipaglia

A Computational Study of Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Propane to Propene Using Transition Metal Atoms, Chris Bean, Daniel Dunevant, Nick Lewis, Michal Scherer-Berry, and Stan Zygmunt

Addressing Citizen Concern: Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination in East Chicago, Indiana, Ashita Bhatnagar and Zoe I. Henkes

Filtering COMPS Chat Transcripts for Computer Modeling Using Common Vocabulary, Nathaniel I. Bouman

Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the Dielectric Constant of PMMA, Callista N. Christ

Noise-Induced Stabilization of Hamiltonian Systems, Anthony Coniglio, Sarah Sparks, and Daniel Weithers

Modeling Vaccination Strategies to Control White-Nose Syndrome in Little Brown Bat Colonies, Eva Cornwell, David Elzinga, and Shelby Stowe

Binary Stars in Planetary Nebulae, Madeline Dilday

Bazaar Scheduling: Scheduling Algorithms for Federated Networks of Independent Satellite Ground Stations, Grace Freigang

Analysis of Neutral Pion Helicity Asymmetry with the STAR Detector, Alec J. Hauck and Noah Strand

A Turntable Switcher Intersection for the LANL nEDM Experiment, Jackson T. Heise

Classification and Characterization of Networks, Emma E. Ingram, Adriana M. Ortiz Aquino, and James P. Canning

Finding Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae, Avery M. Jackson, Matthew T. Bremer, and David M. Vogl

Identifying Student Discussion in Computer-Mediated Problem-Solving Chat, Stamatina E. Kalafatis, Emily M. Graham, and Lindsey K. Arndt


Non-Decreasing Sequences, Amy E. Klass and Alexander Bruno

Standard Set-Valued Young Tableaux and Product-Coproduct Prographs, Maxwell Krueger, Ashley Borchardt, and Meghan Wren

Developing Clean Methodology for Microfiber Analysis in Freshwater Macroinvertebrates and Total Suspended Solids, Anna M. Kubalewski, Troy Janesheski, and Janelle Bouman

Constant-Volume Cyclic Testing to Determine Input Parameters for Pore Pressure Generation Models, Henry H M Moldenhauer


Wireless Power Charging Pad For Simultaneously Powering Multiple Devices, Bradley Thompson

Spectroscopic Classification of Evolved Stars, Kathryn Willenbrink