Volume 16, Issue 2 (2023) Summer/Fall 2023

Full Issue



"Splaining" -- What It Is and Why It Matters
Comfort Okpala, Tangela Rutledge, and Cam Caldwell


The Choice is to Serve
James J. Lynch and Matthew J. Etchells


Peer-Reviewed Articles


A Comparative Analysis of Values-Based Leadership Theories: A Review and Future Research Agenda
Simon Tareke Abay, Jorge F. S. Gomes, and Abeba Beyene Mengistu


Beyond the Ice
Nikolaus T. Butz, Joshua Hunter, and Emma Fisher



Interview with Officer Daniel Hodges
Elizabeth Gingerich and Daniel Hodges

Book Reviews

Case Studies


Headwinds Battering the Navy
Paul Grossgold and Ritch Eich

Prose and Poetry


Joseph P. Hester


Elizabeth Gingerich, J.D., Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

International Contributing Editor

Olen Gunnlaugson, M.A. Ph.D., Université Laval

International Editorial Board

Ritch Eich, Ph.D., Leadership & Management Consultant, Author, Retired U.S. Naval Reserve Captain, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Joseph P. Hester, Ph.D., Curriculum Specialist, Author, Claremont, North Carolina, USA

Christine Clements, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business and Economics, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA

Shashank Shah, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Harvard Business School; Project Director and Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University South Asia Institute, USA

Rebecca Paulson Stone, Ed.D., International Education Consultant, West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

John Renesch, Global Futurist, Social Activist, Author, International Speaker, San Francisco, California, USA

Tom Karp, Ph.D., Professor in Leadership, Oslo School of Management, Oslo, Norway

M.S. Rao, Ph.D., Founder, MSR Leadership Consultants, Author, International Leadership Expert, India

Cam Caldwell, Ph.D., Author, Management Consultant, St. George, Utah, USA

Emilio Iodice, John Felicio Rome Center, Director Emeritus, Diplomat, Author, Rome, Italy

Yvette Lynne Bonaparte, Ph.D., North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Mary Kovach, Ph.D., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA

Technical Advisors

Jonathan Bull, M.L.S., Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

Nancy Scannell, M.S. , Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA