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The mission of The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (JVBL) is to promote ethical and moral leadership and behavior by serving as a forum for ideas and the sharing of “best practices.” It serves as a resource for business and institutional leaders, educators, and students concerned about values-based leadership. The JVBL defines values-based leadership to include topics involving ethics in leadership, moral considerations in business decision-making, stewardship of our natural environment, and spirituality as a source of motivation. JVBL strives to publish articles that are intellectually rigorous yet of practical use to leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs. In this way, the JVBL serves as a high quality, international journal focused on converging the practical, theoretical, and applicable ideas and experiences of scholars and practitioners. The JVBL provides leaders with a tool of ongoing self-critique and development, teachers with a resource of pedagogical support in instructing values-based leadership to their students, and entrepreneurs with examples of conscientious decision-making to be emulated within their own business environs.

Submissions should be a Word.doc attachment sent either to Elizabeth.Gingerich@valpo.edu (preferred) or to JVBL@valpo.edu.

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