This paper identifies the importance of Leadership Ethos (LE) as a backbone for Culturally Oriented Strategic Management (COSM). The paper begins by presenting the concept of LE, it then briefly discusses vision and values, two amongst the attributes of LE. This is followed by discussion of the relationship between LE and COSM. The discussion arrives at four testable propositions. The paper offers four action steps for the practice of LE aiming at establishing COSM before concluding with a summary of its contributions, calling for scholars and practitioners to invest in exploring the understanding and practice of LE. This is an approach to leadership that promotes and sustains COSM in organisational management.

The findings suggest that LE, as a means for articulating right and wrong, can create cultural values that align organisational systems to build trust, value employees, focus objectives, and engage participants. Based upon vision and values, LE assists decision-makers by establishing criteria for the strategic governance of organisations that enable them to function both efficiently and effectively.

This paper provides significant implications by offering an understanding of LE as a backbone for COSM. This is done through a behavioural foundation based upon ethical and moral obligations to create organisational wealth, serve society, and honour relationships owed to stakeholders.