Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences (JMMS, J Mind Med Sci) pays special attention to papers related to mental and medical topics, focusing primarily on interdisciplinary and integrative perspectives. It is an online and open access journal, no charges being received for submission, review, and publication of articles. The journal adheres to the philosophy that high quality and original ideas and information should be freely shared within and amongst the scientific community, with the stipulation that the authors be acknowledged for their knowledge and contribution.

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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Review Articles


Adverse reactions of biological therapies in patients with psoriasis
Maria I. Sârbu, Mircea Tampa, Mădălina I. Mitran, Cristina I. Mitran, Alexandra M. Limbău, and Simona R. Georgescu p. 4-12


Forensic and clinical diagnosis in "shaken baby syndrome", between child abuse and iatrogenic abuse
Roxana M. Duncea, Irina Apostol, Relu G. Calota, and Vladimir Belis p. 13-18


High-grade cervical dysplasia in pregnancy – psychological and medical challenges
Denisa O. Balalau, Romina M. Sima, Nicolae Bacalbasa, Petrisor Banu, Cristian Bălălău, Liana Ples, and Anca D. Stanescu p. 24-30

Research Articles


Depression, loneliness, and pet attachment in homebound older adult cat and dog owners
Sandy M. Branson, Lisa Boss, Stanley Cron, and Dennis C. Turner p. 38-48


Melatonin modulates inflammatory response and suppresses burn-induced apoptotic injury
Ganka Bekyarova, Milena Atanasova, Maria Tzaneva, and Anelia Dimitrova p. 59-66

Case Presentations


Diagnostic challenges and treatment difficulties in a patient with excoriated acne conglobata
Simona R. Georgescu, Maria I. Sârbu, Cristina I. Mitran, Mădălina I. Mitran, Vasile Benea, and Mircea Tampa p. 74-79


Appendicular mass – a rare form of tuberculosis
Petrisor Banu, Vlad D. Constantin, Florian Popa, Mircea Bratucu, Teodora Vladescu, and Cristian Balalau p. 80-84