Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Anna C. Schumaker
Executive Managing Editor
Kelly A. Borchers
Executive Editor of Publication
Amy Levin
Executive Editor of Student Writing
Theresa Ellis
Executive Editor of Lectures & Symposia
Kathryn E. Peterson
Associate Editors
Stephanie A. Arcuri
Timothy D. Barrett
Josh F. Brown
Jeremy Butler
Jeromy S. Cannon
Courtney A. Cooper
Alison B. Crane
J.P. Cratty
Brian Custy
Joe B. Hoage
Stephen J. Hulst
Reneé C. Lambermont
Charles Maupin
Rebecca K. McMahon
Christian K.R. Miller
Mandy M. Shell
Donald R. Shuler
Amy A. Sichterman
Shelly R. Steiner