Midwest Social Sciences Journal


Challenging and excitatory parenting behaviors play an important role in children’s development, particularly in regard to the development of selfregulation; however, no well-established measures of parent-child interactions exist that record such behaviors. In the current study, I compare two recently developed coding systems that intend to address this issue: the Risky Interaction Support and Challenging (RISC) and Marbach coding systems. A subset of videos from the New Parents Project (NPP) data set at 12 and 18 months was coded using both scales, then a factor analysis was conducted for each scale. Regressions were conducted to look at the predictive power of each scale on children’s self-regulation at two and seven years. I hypothesized that the Challenging Regulatory Competence (CRC) and the Excitation, Arousal, and Destabilization (EAD) subscales of the RISC and Marbach scales, respectively, would have the most predictive power for later self-regulation. The regressions did not support the hypotheses, revealing no significant relationship between one-year parent behaviors and later self-regulation.