Midwest Social Sciences Journal

The Midwest Social Sciences Journal is committed to interdisciplinary social sciences scholarship. Its mission is to promote and to advance the social sciences and interdisciplinary social science scholarship by publishing high-quality research. The Journal recognizes and supports the many diverse perspectives and methods across the several social sciences; we neither espouse nor champion any specific theoretical, methodological, ideological or political commitments. The Journal is committed to intellectual integrity, rigorous standards of scholarship, and rational and civil discourse. Papers are accepted for editorial review and publication in the journal at any time of the year from members and non-members of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences.

Midwest Social Sciences Journal was previously Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences.

Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1 (2020)



Senior Editor's Note
Kenneth D. Colburn Jr.


A Comparison of Self-Control Measures and Drug and Alcohol Use among College Students
Brooke E. Mathna, Jennifer J. Roberts, and Marthinus C. Koen

Editorial Board

Senior Editor-in-Chief
Kenneth D. Colburn, Jr., Butler University
Co-Deputy Editors
Nirupama Devaraj, Valparaiso University
Bharath Ganesh Babu, Valparaiso University
Managing Editors
Mary C. Moore, University of Indianapolis
Julie Cripps, University of Indianapolis
Copy Editor
Stephanie R. S. Stringham