How do we holistically develop leaders with the capacity and character to tackle the most pressing moral challenges in our modern world? While it may be easier to focus on one thing such as strengths, experiences, or mentors, the reality is that developing a leader’s capacity to lead well includes many interrelated components. Based on our experience and research, the six components of the Holistic Leadership Development Model (HLDM) are presented, along with strategies for creating rich conversations that connect the components in a meaningful way for leaders. The six areas are (1) experiences and learning; (2) strategic networking; (3) developing others; (4) integrated fulfillment; (5) leading under pressure; and (6) calling and purpose. While we are not suggesting that these are the only areas to consider when developing leaders, focusing on these six creates conversations and development plans for leaders that they perceive as capturing the reality of the challenges they face in developing their leadership capacity. Guides for evaluating one’s own leadership development and for having rich development conversations are included.

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