Volume 4, Issue 2 (2011) Summer/Fall 2011

Dedication and Remembrance

This issue is dedicated to the life, work, and prophecy of Ray C. Anderson (July 28, 1934 - August 8, 2011), dubbed by Forbes as "The Greenest CEO," founder and chairman of Interface, Inc. (the world‘s largest modular carpet manufacturer), and foremost sustainability pioneer. We were graced by his presence at Valparaiso University in October of 2009 and by his contributions to the Journal of Values-Based Leadership. May we all continue to reflect on the future of planet and all of its inhabitants and wage the fight to use business as a restorative tool, allowing us to demonstrate that we can be good stewards of "God‘s currency."

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Editorial Board

Elizabeth Gingerich, J.D., Valparaiso University
International Contributing Editor
Olen Gunnlaugson, M.A. Ph.D., Université Laval