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Silvia Hedenigg


In recent years, innovative approaches to corporate culture and leadership, such as the concept of "New Work" and its meaning and value-oriented corporate management, are gaining attention in science and organizational practice. However, critical voices doubt their feasibility citing challenges associated with their benefit realization. Nevertheless, through a case study of Upstalsboom, a German medium-sized family business in the tourism industry, the authors of this article illustrate how a people-centered, meaning-oriented corporate culture, and values-based leadership are not only possible and successful, but also sustainable from a crisis-resistant stability and resilience perspective. A reconstruction of the company's development along biographical events and lived experiences of the CEO and co-author, Bodo Janssen, shows a high congruence with Riane Eisler’s path leading to the development of her concept of Caring Economics and caring organizational policies through a partnership orientation - the antithesis of dominance orientation systems.

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