Corresponding Author

Barry Posner


The importance of values has been continuously studied, and the consensus is that values matter. However, the issue of just how much they matter remains open to various interpretations, including the importance of value clarity and congruency. This study examined the impact of personal and organizational values clarity on commitment, performance, and motivation. An online survey involving 8,442 managers was collected in the same way as previous studies on value clarity and consistency (Posner & Schmidt, 1993; Posner, 2010), but unlike previous studies, managers outside the United States were included. Both personal values congruency and organizational values clarity significantly impacted the degree to which respondents felt committed, motivated, and productive. Personal values congruency was more impactful than organizational values clarity for commitment, the opposite was true for motivation, and they had an equally important impact on productivity. Respondents’ demographic characteristics did not significantly affect the impact of personal values congruency and organizational values clarity.