Corresponding Author

Emer. Pro. Dr. Pimpan Silpasuwan


This study aimed to examine women's life history and work on a successful Thai national leader. Method: An autobiographical research was designed. The data was derived from the self-history and related people; in all, 29 key informants were divided into 5 groups for individual interviews, using a different set of questions during 2019-2020. The empirical data's trustworthiness was thoroughly checked for reliability, and content analysis was used combined with life story work.

Result: She was born before World War II. When her family broke up, she ran away to study in a nursing school during the ensuing political turbulence. Good morals, love of learning, and Buddhist religious faith were integrated into perseverance for work. She was promoted from nurse sergeant to major female general. By overcoming the glass ceiling glass of feminist obstacles, she held several important positions in local, national, and international organizations, rendering benefits and justice for underprivileged groups and royal project missions. Her inspiration stemming from the Buddhist essence guided her in promoting love, faith, and hope in praxis to benefit Thai society: Nation, Religion, and Royalty. Her authentic, ethical leadership identity through a successful path is recommended for promising ways to promote society's ethical leadership development.