[Excerpt] Just 15 minutes from the historic center of this picturesque and sought-after city, in a small village called Los Ricos, Rosario Ceobio ponders, “Water is life. It’s a human right, but not all of us have [access to] it.” She tells us this as she recounts her last week, staying up till midnight most nights, waiting for the water to arrive from the local well. While already severely compromised by this lack of water, the Coronavirus arrived here in central Mexico in the heart of the dry season, with health officials telling people like Rosario, who already have little water to begin with, that they need to be using more water to combat the spread. Rosario tells us that people in the neighboring village are, in fact, using far more water. Unfortunately, that means her village, which is higher up, receives even less water than usual. One well can often serve several villages – turning access into a game of tug of water: when one village gets water, it could mean they are “pulling it away” from another.

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