[Excerpt] During a time when the world is facing unprecedented impact from Covid-19, the topic of meat consumption is perhaps more relevant than ever. With the virus linked to zoonotic factors and with many US meat processing plants designated coronavirus hotspots collectively threatening the supply chain (Wendy’s restaurants, for example, in early May of 2020 experienced a shortage of fresh beef curtailing portions of its menu), now is a prime time for deep reflection on the benefits a vegan diet may provide. Preventing future pandemics may now be the fourth motivation incentivizing the meat-eating public to question their food 2 choices as the meat industry is also experiencing lower demand due to climate change, animal mistreatment, and human health factors. Paving the way to combat these issues yet allowing people to enjoy traditional US cuisine, is pioneer and entrepreneur Zach Vouga of Plant Power Fast Food (PPFF). He and his two partners, Jeffrey Harris and Mitch Wallis, have ignited a grand vision to provide classic fast food options such as burgers, fries, nuggets, and shakes, that are all vegan, plant-based, zero cholesterol, and free of GMO or artificially-flavored ingredients. The chain is flourishing in Southern California despite the challenges the pandemic has presented as this innovative team is proving that a company can attain financial viability and generate profits without compromising values, ethics, health, safety, or the environment: in other words, they are doing well by doing good.

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