Corresponding Author

James S Welch Jr


One of the major concerns within contemporary leadership consists in the myopic view many leaders and followers have regarding leadership success. In the modern context, there are countless firms engaging in some variation of myopic management simply to drive short-term results. To counteract the short term view of leadership, this article presents a leadership construct focusing on seven strategies designed to help facilitate long term leadership impact and organizational sustainability. The seven strategies examined in this article consist of the following: embracing organizational diversity, encouraging positive change, displaying emotional intelligence, possessing a long term orientation, casting a strategic vision, developing a strong corporate culture, and emphasizing ethical decision making. The research design for this article consists of a hybrid literature review and case study approach examining previous leadership research regarding long term organizational effectiveness as well as contemporary leadership examples. In the long run, leadership effectiveness is better determined by long term organizational sustainability and an “indelible” leader is one who is able to bring about a greater sense of permanency to organizational achievement and to help ensure that success can continue long after their leadership tenure is over. Each one of these seven leadership strategies deals with the long term viability of a leader and their organization and implementing each of these strategies often represents the more difficult choice. This article presents an original leadership approach, the indelible leadership approach, implementing seven proven leadership strategies designed to help achieve long term organizational vitality and effectiveness.