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Art/Research International: A trans-disciplinary journal






In this article, we present ideas on how arts-based methods can be applied to conducting research with a minority ethnic group (i.e., Traveller children) and offer ways to analyse data. We refer to the culture of Traveller children, report statistics on their educational performance and refer to recent research in Northern Ireland on their disengagement from compulsory post-primary (11-16 years old) education. We look through the lens of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory and consider a re-think of the approach typically used in research to tap into Traveller children’s educational experiences. We offer a brief summary of the principles of arts-based research, outlining the theoretical underpinnings of supporters who argue for its use in educational research settings. We elaborate on three arts-based research methods as options in the design of conducting research with Traveller children and offer advice on associated ethical issues. In exploring methods of analysis, we refer to the types of data and suggest a content and thematic analytical approach to interpret the data. In conclusion, we reiterate the importance of offering these culturally responsive means to engage with this minority ethnic group.