Submissions from 2016

Reciprocal Writing as a Creative Technique, Nancy L. Davis and Jessica Voirin

Pedagogy for a Liquid Time, Larry Green and Kevin Gary

Submissions from 2015

Integrative Pre-service Elementary Teacher Training: The Role of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Mathematics., Victoria Oliaku Chiatula

Submissions from 2012


Fostering Academic Cooperation and Collaboration Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Faculty Research Abroad Program in Poland, Nancy Davis, Casimir C. Barczyk, and Lynn Zimmerman


Service Learning & Teaching: A Cross-Cultural Experience: Analysis of Languages in a Private School in Nicaragua, Del Gillispie

Submissions from 2011


Curriculum & schooling: Multiculturalism, critical multiculturalism and critical pedagogy., Del Gillispie


Preparing teacher candidates to work with diverse populations: A blueprint to success. Keeping Middle Schools Successful., Del Gillispie

Submissions from 2009


Preservice teachers: Teacher preparation, multicultural curriculum and culturally relevant teaching., Del Gillispie


The cultural curriculum: Constructing social justice in teaching and learning in the classroom., Del Gillispie