Submissions from 2018


Access to What? English, Texts, and Social Justice Pedagogy, Lydia Brauer


Admitting a Sense of Superiority: Aggrandized Higher Education Status as an Objection to Educational Inequality, John Fantuzzo


Psychiatric Illness and Sleep in Older Adults: Comorbidity and Opportunities for Intervention, Michael R. Nadorff and Christopher W. Drapeau


Iris Murdoch's Critique of Three Dualisms in Moral Education, Yoshiaki Michael Nakazawa

Submissions from 2017

A closer look at nightmares and suicide risk: Exploring impulsivity as a potential moderator, N. Barclay, L. Runnels, S. Wigelsworth, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff

Insomnia, nightmares, and suicide risk: A longitudinal analysis of the relationship, N. Barclay, C. E. Titus, L. Battaglia, M. O'Brien, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff

Borderline symptoms, posttraumatic stress, and nightmares as predictors of past suicide attempts and future suicide risk, B. Brotherton, B. Cleveland, H. Daw, K. Speed, Christopher W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff

Posttraumatic growth in suicide bereavement: Potential Contributors and Clinical Implications, Christopher W. Drapeau


U.S.A. suicide 2016: Official final data, Christopher W. Drapeau and John L. McIntosh

Innovating gatekeeper trainings: Incorporating peer educators, postvention and cultural competencies, active learning strategies, and novel evaluative methods, Christopher W. Drapeau, J. J. Muehlenkamp, L. Quinn-Lee, M. Underwood, W. Cross, P. Quinnett, and P. M. Gutierrez


Suicidality in sleep disorders: prevalence, impact, and management strategies, Christopher W. Drapeau and Michael R. Nadorff

Longitudinal predictors of suicide risk and suicide attempt history among a general population sample of US adults, Christopher W. Drapeau, C. Titus, P. Cartwright, K. Peterson, K. Speed, and M. Anestis

Mandated reporting and suicide risk assessment: Ethics, barriers, and recommendation, Sarah Golomb and Christopher W. Drapeau


Future Mandated Reporters: Understanding the Role, Sara Golomb, Katie Sears, Rebecca Drozd, Juna Kotori, and Melissa Vera-Hughes


Characteristics of and barriers to suicidology training in undergraduate and clinically-oriented graduate-level psychology programs, Danielle Jahn, Christopher W. Drapeau, Annmarie Wacha-Montes, Brenna L. Grant, Michael R. Nardorff, Michael J. Pusateri Jr, David J. Hannah, Gabriella Bryant, and Kelly C. Cukrowicz

Nightmares and insomnia symptoms prospectively predict the development of suicidal ideation, M. R. Nadorff, C. W. Drapeau, E. S. Winer, and J. K. Kilgore


Case Examples in Clinical Supervision: The Challenge of Mandated Child Abuse Reporting, Sheri Pickover, Sara Golomb, and Jocelyn Bennett-Garraway

Nonsignificance being significant: Alcohol use does not mediate the relationship between anxiety and suicide risk., S. Wigelsworth, A. Payne, K. Peterson, C. W. Drapeau, and M. R. Nadorff

Submissions from 2016

Reciprocal Writing as a Creative Technique, Nancy L. Davis and Jessica Voirin

Pedagogy for a Liquid Time, Larry Green and Kevin Gary

Submissions from 2015

Integrative Pre-service Elementary Teacher Training: The Role of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Mathematics., Victoria Oliaku Chiatula

Submissions from 2012


Fostering Academic Cooperation and Collaboration Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Faculty Research Abroad Program in Poland, Nancy Davis, Casimir C. Barczyk, and Lynn Zimmerman


Service Learning & Teaching: A Cross-Cultural Experience: Analysis of Languages in a Private School in Nicaragua, Del Gillispie

Submissions from 2011


Curriculum & schooling: Multiculturalism, critical multiculturalism and critical pedagogy., Del Gillispie


Preparing teacher candidates to work with diverse populations: A blueprint to success. Keeping Middle Schools Successful., Del Gillispie

Submissions from 2009


Preservice teachers: Teacher preparation, multicultural curriculum and culturally relevant teaching., Del Gillispie


The cultural curriculum: Constructing social justice in teaching and learning in the classroom., Del Gillispie