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The Valparaiso University Law Review is a scholarly journal that publishes articles, lectures, book reviews, and student notes submitted by law professors, judges, practitioners, and members of the Law Review.

See About the Review for membership information.


Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Jacob L. Zerkle
Associate Editor in Chief
W. Justin Jacobs
Executive Managing Editor
John T. VanDenburgh
Executive Editor of Publication
Susanne A. Heckler
Executive Editor of Student Writing
Lumturije Akiti
Executive Editor of Lectures & Symposia
Matthew Brandabur
Associate Editor of Online Publication
Christine Ramelb
Associate Editors
Daniel Appelget
Josh Atkinson
Christina Bradford
Matthew Kees
Sarah Mason
Joshua Matejczyk
Yvette Mishev
Brian Park
Jennifer Sroka
Ryan Walsh
Keiko Yoshino