Submissions from 2010

Science and Spirituality: Making Room for Faith in the Age of Science, James F. Moore

Spiritual Transformations: Science, Religion, and Human Becoming., James F. Moore

Submissions from 2009


The Power of Sacrifice, Richard E. DeMaris


Living with Religious Plurality: Some Basic Theological Reflections on Interrelgious Dialogue, Christoffer H. Grundmann


Philosophy, Science and Divine Action, Christoffer H. Grundmann

Arguments Against President Obama's Stem Cell Policies, Gilbert Meilaender

Submissions from 2008


Stewards, Prophets, Keepers of the Word: Leadership in the Early Church (book review), Richard E. DeMaris


Modes of Faith - Secular Surrogates for Lost Religious Belief (book review), Christoffer H. Grundmann

Submissions from 2006


Urban Religion in Roman Corinth: Interdisciplinary Approaches (book review), Richard E. DeMaris

Submissions from 2005


The Cult of Martyrs in Asterius of Amaseia's Vision of the Christian City, Lisa Maugans Driver

“eschatology in the Political Theory of Michael Walzer” by Alan Revering, Gilbert Meilaender

Interreligious Dialogue as an Evolutionary Process, J. E. Moore

Submissions from 2004

Is There None Left to Say Anything?, James F. Moore

The Fifth Miracle., James F. Moore

Toward a Theology of Disease: HIV/AIDS and Religion/science - Introduction to the Symposium, James F. Moore

Submissions from 2003

Revisiting the Cloning Debate, Gilbert Meilaender

The Prospect of a Global Ethic on HIV/AIDS: the Religions and the Science-and-religion Dialogue, J. F. Moore

Submissions from 2002


Corinth, the First City of Greece: An Urban History of Late Antique Cult and Religion, Richard E. DeMaris

Interfaith Dialogue and the Science-and-religion Discussion, James F. Moore