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The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of two anxiety-reducing techniques in a 7th grade Tier 2 (average) mathematics classroom. Based on the work of Ford, Ford, Boxer, and Armstrong (2012), one of the techniques used was the use of humor. The other technique is the use of visualization (see Shobe, Brewin, & Carmack, 2005). Ultimately, this study sought to determine if either of the anxiety-reducing strategies lowered student's anxiety; if they were effective, which was more effective; and if the strategy had any apparent effect on the students' academic performance.

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Clara Brandt is a senior Middle Level Education major from Portland, Oregon. She spent the Spring 2013 semester teaching 7th grade Tier 2 Mathematics and 7th Grade Tier 2 Science at her student teaching pacement. Middle school students are her favorite and she is sorry to leave them, but happy to graduate.

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Are the anxiety-reduction techniques of the use of humor or visualization effective at reducing students’ test and mathematics anxiety?

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