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This study examines elements of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in third year Spanish students and how these different varieties of motivation affect their success and attendance in class. A brief survey was given to 6 sections of Spanish level three (including 2 regular classes and 4 Pre-IB/honors classes). In the survey, which the students took anonymously, the students were asked to comment on their grades, attendance in class, and their reasoning behind taking Spanish class as an elective in high school. This study aims to discover a correlation between intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation and grades/attendance. According to contemporary research in motivational education, students that are motivated by intrinsic factors, such as a true interest and love for learning, are more likely to receive high grades and attend class more often than students motivated by extrinsic factors, such as grades or parental influence.

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Do intrinsic motivation factors result in a higher grade and attendance rate for third-year Spanish students than extrinsic motivation factors?

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