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This research explores the use of guided personal and class goal setting and its effect on students’ comprehension of the material that is taught in any given lesson. The project was staged in two classes of roughly the same size, with an average of 25 responses per survey; demographics in each class consisted of approximately 90% minority students, with only 2-4 males per class. Surveys were taken twice a week for the four week experimental period; one group was given guided goal worksheets for weeks three and four while the other did not receive goal guidance. The findings show that the guided goal system had little or no influence in the self-reported comprehension of the material to be learned in class. Further extensive testing would be necessary with a broader test group to determine if a guided goal worksheet would positively influence students’ comprehension of classroom learning goals

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Benjamin White currently studies at Valparaiso University, where he will earn his Bachelor of Music Education degree. He is a member of the Valparaiso University Symphony Orchestra and has performed with various groups in both Indiana and Ohio, including the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr. Whites primarily studies the violoncello, but has experience in piano, viola, and voice, as well as a love for teaching and performing chamber music.

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Does the use of personal goal setting increase students' awareness of the material they are expected to learn during a given class period?

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