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This research project is being conducted to better understand how to motivate students in the high school mathematics classroom and to encourage student involvement in the subject area. This project was chosen because through observation and conversations with students and other mathematics teachers I have found that mathematics is not always a strength or interest for students. As such, they have no motivation to do the work required in mathematics. Therefore, their grades are dropping along with their involvement levels. I want to have students fill out a questionnaire in order to learn what students want from a mathematics course in order to make it more interesting and worth while for them. My hope for this project is that it will help inform myself and other mathematics teachers about student motivation and how to best create lessons to motivate students in mathematics.

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I am a senior at Valparaiso University studying Mathematics and Secondary Education and originally from Batesaville, IN. When I graduate, I would like to move south and teach high school math. I am looking forward to graduation in May, but will miss all of the friends I have made in the Education Department here at Valparaiso University.

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What motivates students to learn in a high school mathematics classroom and how can we use their motivations to create a better learning environment?

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