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The names of the notes on the treble clef staff are not currently taught in the Indiana State Music Curriculum. This concept is essential to the understanding, reading, and writing of music. Therefore, it is important that research based curriculum is developed for this topic. Fourth grade students will complete a pre-test and series of lessons about learning the note names. These lessons will include direct instruction, activities, and homework assignments. A different method or unit plan will be used at each school. Upon the conclusion of each unit, the students will re-take the pre-test as a post-test. Scores from both schools will be compared to analyze which method seemed to produce higher test scores.

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It is great to have both my brother and one sister on campus with me. I am actively involved in the Crusader Pep Band, Sigma Alpha Iota, and MESA in addition to past involvement in campus ensembles and NAfME. Additionally, I have worked as a student aide at the Valparaiso University Law School for the past five years. Student teaching has been a blast. I can't wait to teach my own students someday soon!

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Which method of teaching the names of the notes of the treble clef is more successful based on student assessment?

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