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Many times in a conflict there are three different accounts of what happened: person one’s side, person two’s side, and the truth. As often as this saying gets made and joked about, it does reveal truth about how perception and truth don’t always align. With this thought, I want to compare a student’s perceived participation in comparison with actual class participation. In many secondary and collegiate level classrooms, course grades are partially determined on class participation. Because of this, it would seem relevant to consider perceptions with reality so that students can better understand themselves. When a student has a good grasp on his or herself, then he or she is more likely to modify behavior for improvement. As for the actual measuring of data, a survey will be given out after one session of recording, then to also be followed by a second session. During each recording session, the primary principal/co-principal investigator will record how often each student raises their hand, how often each student is called on with and without their hand raised separately by tallies. The students will also turn in their assignment, not for a grade but for a completion of finished, half finished, or not finished as a score. Assignments will be tallied on two different situations: one prior to the survey and one after the survey. After all data has been collected and coded to protect identities, surveys will be compared to before and after survey recordings and then compared through mean, mode and median.

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My name is Kristin Buch. I am finishing my senior year at Valparaiso University in a double major of secondary education and biology. I love spending my time with kids and participating in activities at my church. I am a member of Delta Delta Delta. I have also spent my time at Valparaiso University participating in the hand bell choir and the chapel's Kantorei. I have also held leadership positions in all three activities. I hope to continue my education in special education to help mend the gap of education in children with intellectual and physical disabilities.

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Can students become self-aware of participation after finishing a survey making them consider their own participation in the classroom setting?

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