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My research is based on the student athletes in my classroom, who also are on the basketball team that I help coach. With my research, I plan to monitor my students’ grades while they are in season and interview them about the hard work they put into their sports and schoolwork. With this interview, I will be asking my students how much time they spend doing homework, how fatigued they are during school, how much time they spend playing their sport, and why they think their grades slip during season. Also, I plan on interviewing some of the girls on my basketball team to get their opinions on their motivation on schoolwork during their season.

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My name is Katy Foster and I am a senior at Valparaiso University. My majors include Geography and Secondary Education and I have a major in Native American studies. I like to volunteer my time coaching, whether it is with the Boys & Girls Club with young children or with high school girls at Morgan Township. I plan on coaching high school girls’ basketball when I get a teaching job.

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How do student athletes perform in the classroom during/after participating in a sport? If I better understand the backgrounds of my student athletes in my classroom, then I will know how to accommodate to their needs or motivation to do their assignments/study habits.

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