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The premise of this research project was to attempt to finds solutions to eradicate the problem of disengagement in the classroom when conducting group work and employing the use of group assignments in order to assess student learning. I wanted to propose a way teachers can strive to ensure all students within the group contribute to the groups’ success and learning without having some students disengage from the situation and rely on others to do the work of the group. The problem with group projects is too often the division of work becomes unfair, and only some members of the group are actually engaged in learning. The accountability for learning and progress forward shifts from the individual to the group, and this too often results in only part of the group making any learning contributions while the other part of the group has checked out and become disengaged from the learning.

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I am a senior graduating this May from Valparaiso University. I am originally from Union Mills, Indiana, and upon graduation plan on applying for teaching positions in the Northwest Indiana Area.

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How can group work and group projects be conducted in a classroom in a way that encourages all students within the group to contribute to the group’s success and learning?

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