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The effectiveness of high school health education curriculum which is evaluated through anonymous student response in a behavior and life style survey that is given before students take health education and again after they have taken health education to determine if they have made changes in their decision making and lifestyle choices.

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My name is Tayler Aiello, I am a senior at Valparaiso University majoring in physical education/health education and I am also pursuing a minor in special education. I am currently student teaching at a high school in Illinois. My student teaching is split into two seven week sections with the first being in special education and the second in physical education and health education. In addition to teaching I am very interested in coaching high school athletics. I am currently coaching with the throwers of the boys’ track and field team at my student teaching placement.

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Will the information presented and learned in the high school health class educate and affect the students in a way that they avoid risky behaviors and poor life decisions?

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