About This Journal

Letras is the space where you, dear Valpo Spanish student, can publish your creative literary work in Spanish. Letras was born in 2008 as a platform for Spanish students to reflect on the current social, moral, literary, artistic… issues of today’s societies, and invites you to express your voice through poetry in Spanish.
Poetry is the finest way to communicate in a language. At Valpo, we believe in the artistic potential that hides in you, and we would like to wake it up! You have a unique way of communicating your thoughts, not only in your native-tongue, but also in other languages. We encourage you to explore your talents as a creative writer in Spanish. Thinking in a second language in artistic terms is privileged way to give voice to your believes and sentiments. In some classes, we will invite you to write poetry in Spanish and we will walk with you through the process of writing, discovering your artistic talents.
If you are currently taking SPAN 204 or higher, you can contribute to Letras with a poem in Spanish. Each month of April, International Poetry Month, we present a new issue of Letras. Since 2008, each issue has been dedicated to a letter of the alphabet, and that letter provides also the initial of the last name of the Spanish-speaking author to whom the issue is dedicated. And, more importantly, that letter is the initial of the theme around which the issue is designed. It is this magazine’s purpose to offer Valpo students a space and time to reflect on our world from the point of view of poetry, and to spread the good values that poetry in Spanish is capable of.
The sections of each issue are as follows:
“Prolegómenos,” introduction to the number. “Prólogo,” presentation and dedication to the writer of the semester, with a brief note of his or her life and production. “Fragmentos,” where we offer a fragment of one of this author’s works in which the topic of the number is treated. “Efemérides,” where we gather some of the main news of the last six months on literature in Spanish. “El rincón del estudiante” (The student corner), where you are the main figure, where the of your literary imagination appear.
We, Letras, hope that we can count on your contribution very soon, so that with all our creative effort, we can keep alive the flame of poetry!
For more information, or to contribute with a poem, please, contact Professor carlos.miguel-pueyo@valpo.edu