Marva J. Dawn

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Let me explain my title, "Asking New and Old Questions as We Remember the Future." Because my training is in biblical ethics, my approach to various worship concerns centers on asking questions (the proper work of ethics) about how our worship practices form us to be God's people. If we are interested at this conference in what our "eschatological tradition" has to say to issues of worship, then we will discover the more new questions we ask, the more they will drive us back to the old ones. Indeed, "there is nothing new under the sun." Always, throughout human history, we have been strung between the times, between who we have been formed to be by our past and what we might become, especially if we consciously and deliberately orient our present toward the future. Moreover, since the resurrection, which provides the ultimate definition of our Christian faith and life, God's people have always lived-whether we realize it or not -in the midst of the tension of "already, but not yet."

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