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In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This morning's sermon is in some ways a sermon that many of you have already preached this week. The lessons are familiar, and those of you who occupied pulpits across the churches of the land hear still the echo of the way the Gospel sounded in your parishes. And those of you who were occupying other roles in those parishes heard that same Gospel. It echoes its Alleluias and its amazing connections between the wounds that our Lord shows as the basis for his first "Peace be with you" and the wounds that he again shows to elicit from Thomas the great confession "My Lord, My God." As we gather these days to consider the ''wheat arising green'' on ''the fields of our hearts,'' we come as Gospel-agriculturists to tend the growth, to watch, to smile, to celebrate as Christ's peace grows in our midst, as that faith and its confession rises and wells up and so bears witness to those within earshot of the words it takes in us. That is the ground for doing what we have done once already this week, preaching and hearing this Gospel.

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