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Luke's empty tomb story has several typically Lukan features. First, the scene has an aura of calm when compared to Mark's report that the women ran away frightened and dumbstruck, or Matthew's picture of the angel who comes and scares the soldiers to death. This same calmness was in evidence throughout Luke's passion narrative. Second, the two men whose clothing reminds the reader of the Transfiguration in Luke (9:29-30), and whose question to the women reminds the reader of the ascension scene in Acts (1:10-11), speak a message which is one of Luke's most consistent themes: "It was necessary ( dei) that the Son of Man be delivered ... and on the third day rise." Third, the centrality of Jerusalem in Luke is accommodated in the same speech, as the women are not bidden to go to Galilee as in Matthew and Mark. Instead, they are to remember what Jesus had said while they were all still in Galilee.

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