John H. Tietjen

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The wife of a faculty colleague of mine has a serious problem with hip deterioration. Daily she goes to the local "Y" for a swim. For her a pool plunge is a matter of life and health. Most baptismal fonts are much too small for such a daily dip. At best they might serve as a bath for robin redbreast who like all birds knows how to bathe in the shallowest of pools. Whether as a pool plunge or as a sprinkling bath, a daily dip in baptism's font is a matter of spiritual life and health. Such a daily dip is ever so much more than baptismal piety if piety means only ritual practice and devotional activity associated with baptism. Such a daily dip has theological grounding in the meaning of baptism. Taking one's daily dip in the font is necessary when you have been baptized. Baptismal piety can help the daily dip take place.

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