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When it comes to introductions, I remember that when I was young and charming and about to go off to Saint Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia (where I was reared and raised), I was somewhat intimidated. I was so because I was about to take my place along with boys, many of whose fathers, uncles, cousins, and brothers had attended this school. For them the school was going to be familiar, for me most unfamiliar. Adding to my anxiety was the fact that I was also going to be one of 900 boys, only seven of whom were Black. I was a wreck and desperate to introduce myself wisely and well. In a conversation with my parents about proper introductions, one of my grandmothers happened upon the scene and offered some sage advice. She said, when it comes to introductions, when someone asks you who you are, tell 'em you're a child of God. That is the most important thing for each of you to remember about me, for it is the most important thing that you are to remember about yourself.

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