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Eric Field

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Christopher Drapeau

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School Psychology

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Poster Presentation


Spring 5-3-2019

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Eric Field is a graduate student in the school psychology program at Valparaiso University. After earning his second M.Ed, he will be pursuing his doctoral degree in school psychology this fall. He currently conducts research on the experience of posttraumatic growth in suicide attempt survivors with Dr. Christopher W. Drapeau who is an Assistant Professor of Education at Valpo. Results from this research were recently presented at the 52nd annual conference of the American Association of Suicidology Conference in Denver, Colorado. In addition to Dr. Drapeau, the following researchers served as co-authors on this project: Dr. Jennifer Lockman (Director of Clinical and Translational Research at the Centerstone Research Institute), Dr. Nathalie Oexle (faculty at University of Ulm in Germany), and Dr. Michael Nadorff (Associate Professor of Psychology at Mississippi State University).

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