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Kaylee Will

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Amanda Zelechoski, Ph.D.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Oral Presentation


Spring 4-21-2016

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Both Rose Luehrs and Kaylee Will are second-year graduate students in Valparaiso University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. We became interested in child custody research after joining Dr. Zelechoski's research lab in 2015. Our work at Family House Inc., a supervised visitation center in Valparaiso, IN, has further informed our research on this topic. Dr. Amanda Zelechoski is a professor at Valparaiso University, whose research primarily focuses around forensic and mental health assessment, and intervention development for at-risk, delinquent, and traumatized youth. Dr. David Weinstock and Dr. John Moran received their Ph.Ds from the University of Arizona. Dr. Weinstock's interests include comprehensive family evaluations and family law. Dr. Moran's interests include psychological evaluations for family and civil/criminal court, and parenting skills evaluations.