Submissions from 2009

A Carbon Nanotube Capacitor, Mark M. Budnik and Eric W. Johnson


Solar Thermal Electrolytic Process for the Production of Zn from ZnO: An Ionic Conductivity Study, Luke L. Vernstrom, K. Krueger, N. Leonard, B. Tomlinson, Gregory Scott Duncan, and Robert D. Palumbo

Submissions from 2007


Rotating Tool Point Frequency Response Prediction Using RCSA, C. H. Cheng, Tony L. Schmitz, and G. Scott Duncan

Submissions from 2006


A Power Delivery and Decoupling Network Minimizing Ohmic Loss and Supply Voltage Variation in Silicon Nanoscale, Mark M. Budnik and Roy Kaushik

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Using 3d Visualization Hardware in an Undergraduate Mechanics-statics Course, Michael Hagenberger, Peter E. Johnson, and Jeffrey Will

Submissions from 2005


Solar Blind Pyrometer Temperature Measurements in High Temperature Solar Thermal Reactors: A Method for Correcting the System-Sensor Cavity Reflection Error, A. P. Fried, P. K. Johnson, M. Musella, R. Muller, J. E. Steinbrenner, and Robert Palumbo

Submissions from 2004


Incorporating Standard CMOS Design Process Methodologies Into the QCA Logic Design Process, S. C. Henderson, E. W. Johnson, J. R. Janulis, and P. D. Tougaw


Serial Bit-Stream Analysis Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata, J. R. Janulis, P. D. Tougaw, S. C. Henderson, and E. W. Johnson

Submissions from 2003

Extensive Introduction to VHDL and PLDS in the Sophomore Year, E. W. Johnson

Making Home Dvds: Dell's Movie Studio Bundle, L. A. Kraft

Submissions from 1998

An Integrated Computer Architecture Experience, E. W. Johnson and P. D. Tougaw

Performance Based Maintenance, L. A. Kraft, C. Stefanski, E. Kram, and T. L. Riley

Submissions from 1993

Modeling a Single-phase, Voltage-controlled Rectifier Using Laplace Transforms, L. A. Kraft and M. D. Kankam

Submissions from 1991

Modeling Lightning Performance of Transmission-systems Using Pspice, L. A. Kraft