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Publication Date

Fall 2019

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Journal of Literacy and Technology






The purpose of this study was to investigate three middle school English teachers’ understandings of literacy and technology. In particular, how do they view literacy and technology learning and teaching, and how do they use (or not use) technology to enact their views of literacy in their classrooms. This narrative inquiry qualitative study consisted of three open-ended interviews, written literacy narratives, and multiple classroom observations with each participant as well as the collection of various teacher documents, such as lesson plans, presentation notes, rubrics, and student handouts. Narrative methods were used in the data analysis. Findings were organized across a continuum of literacy understandings from traditional understandings to new conceptions of literacy. Discussion and implications point to the need for an expanded definition of literacy with teachers that addresses the complexity of multiliteracies. There is also a need for extending pedagogical repertoires of teachers to recognize TPACK as a beginning to multiliteracies.