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Rachel Murray, MSW, LSW


Arts and Sciences


Social Work

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Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 3-26-2021


I have chosen to do a single-subject research design focusing on the ABA intervention model. For this study, I have decided to study my attitude based on music lead meditation to improve a negative mood. I have noticed that through this pandemic, my attitude and personal disposition have become negative through isolation. I believe that music lead meditation can improve my mood at the start of my day. I thrive on being a positive person and believe that music-led meditation for thirty minutes a day can improve my attitude and daily disposition. I start my day by recording my attitude or daily disposition on a scale from one to ten. Ten is the highest and one being the lowest. I have started this study on February 7th and recorded the baseline mood assessment for three weeks. I had noticed my attitude would fluctuate from a range of nine to six consecutively through these weeks. Starting on February 21st, I added the intervention of music-led meditation at the beginning of my day after I had taken and recorded my initial ranking. I have noticed there was a significant increase in my mood after the meditation. I have a study ranking of a seven to ten since the intervention has started. I am continuing to record my attitude with the added intervention for another week for four solid weeks with the intervention in place. Then I will remove the intervention to see if it has any lasting effects and recording the scores on a scale of one to ten for a period of two to three weeks.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

Taylor Dunigan is a senior social work major at Valparaiso University. Taylor has her associate degree in human services from Ivy Tech Community College of Valparaiso, Indiana. Taylor chose to study Social Work to aid the elderly community. She would like to work in assisted-living and retirement centers. She’s had a passion for this population or community because her mom has been a nurse in the geriatric field for over 30 years. Social Work is similar to nursing because it is a helping profession that is in place to aid in the care of others to reach their goals and aspire to new heights. Taylor has chosen to study this field because she is noticed that she enjoys helping people aspire to new heights and reach their goals.