Religion and Domestic Violence in Nigeria

Faculty Sponsor

Sara Gundersen


Arts and Sciences


Data Science, Economics

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation

Symposium Date

Spring 4-29-2021


Using data from 2018 Nigeria Demographic Health Survey, accessed through IPUMS will investigate how religion is related to the incidence of domestic violence of women in Nigeria. This project expands upon previous research from Professor Sara Gundersen, which investigates the relationship between religion and domestic violence of women in Ghana. The results from Professor Gundersen’s research were women who identified as Pentecostal are more likely to have experienced domestic violence than women who were not. Domestic violence in women who identify as Pentecostal have a lower chance of domestic violence when they are wealthier. Nigeria will be an interesting expansion of this research, as there is a sizeable Muslim population, along with different types of Christian and Traditional religions. I will include education, age, wealth, and other explanatory variables, and will also consider the potential role domestic violence attitudes also play. The statistical analysis techniques that will be used on the data will be logistic regressions and multiple linear regression.

Biographical Information about Author(s)

When taking Economics of Developing Nations with Professor Gundersen she told us about her research of Religion and Domestic Violence in Ghana, and I thought it was an interesting topic to look into. When I needed to find a project I thought that it would be interesting to help Prof. Gundersen with her research, and after talking to her we decided that I should expand the research into another country.

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