The Valpo Core Reader


Jeff Macke

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Portfolio Introduction Essay

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During this semester of core I have learned much through my writing and also through the class. I came in at semester and I had heard things about core, mostly horror stories of unimaginably long reading assignments and the stories about the millions of papers I would have to write. Looking back at the semester, I really would not relay the same aspersions about core to future students. While I did not love everything about the class, I never found myself counting down the minutes in class. Discussions were usually interesting and I enjoyed thinking about the different issues discussed in core. I also found out that I enjoy reading. This fact came as a complete surprise and I am still recovering from that shock. While people complained about the amount of reading we had to do, I found myself reading ahead in certain books. For the first time I was looking to learn in class. Instead of just going through the motions, I turned the light on inside my head, and read analytically. So now I find myself doing weird things while I read, like highlighting and underlining key quotations, even if I am not reading for a class.