The Valpo Core Reader


Rochelle Erhart

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Argument Essay

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At some point in life, everyone is deeply affected by the terrible disease known as cancer. Those who escape it themselves will almost certainly face it when it strikes a family member or friend. In the United States alone, one out of every four people suffers from cancer, and one out of every five will ultimately die from it. In efforts to fight this formidable enemy, millions of dollars and years of research are spent in laboratories all across the nation, but a real cure has yet to be discovered. Unless they are able to undergo surgery, most cancer patients have to settle for the two widely accepted methods of treatment, chemotherapy and radiation. However, an alternative therapy does exist, one which unfortunately remains obscure to the majority of cancer victims. Available at all drug stores and health food stores, hiding behind the innocent label "Ascorbic Acid," this unpublicized cancer fighter is commonly known as vitamin C. The cancer-curing potential of this amazing little wonder drug deserves immediate attention in the medical world. Vitamin C combats cancer better than any other form of conventional cancer treatment.