The Valpo Core Reader


Anne Iverson

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Cause and Effect Essay

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"Get your noses out of those books and rook at the countryside, you two," called my mom from the front seat of our car which bumped along the roads of Spain, Germany, or wherever our travels led us. My sister and I buried our books in our laps as we made faces behind her back. How dare she disrupt our private little worlds? We sat back contentedly, pretending to gaze at the country that was flying by while our eyes were shifting downwards to absorb more words. Ever since we moved to Belgium when I was eight and I began rattling around the back seat of a foreign car, I have turned more and more to reading as means of creating a world of infinite pleasure and solace. Now, when I think about where and when I first learned to read inevitably the image of a first grade reading circle comes to mind. I experienced the wonders of "Bill sees Jill" and "see Lad run" in those circles, but that is not from where my love for reading and writing comes. I do not believe that the love for books can be taught by any amount of comprehension questions or reading circles. The skill of reading is definitely taught, but the love for words is self-taught.